Date: 24 Aug 2010


Beware of all the soft hearted Christians, faint hearted Hindus, ignorant Buddhists and the atheists, secular Indians, the friends of Islam, Muslim scholars who quote the Constitution of AMERICA and the "way of life" of the British, but never the one of SAUDI ARABIA and IRAN, all the Christian FEMALE spouses of Mohammedans, all the corrupt politicians, all those cowards who hand over their destiny to God like the priests of SOMNATH TEMPLE in India who were all slaughtered, all those like PRITHVI RAJ CHOHAN, the last HINDU King of DELHI, who pardoned the MUSLIM invader 16 times after defeating him but was eventually captured by the SAME invader, MOHAMMED Ghori, and then brutally tortured and KILLED in front of his subjects, and all those admirers of Mahatma Gandhi, Apostle of Peace, who became thin air and vanished when the INDIGENOUS (Indian) Muslims demanded one third of his India to IMPOSE their separatist, intolerant and "KAFIR (HINDU) KILLER" Islam on everyone. //////////////// When you are confronting the devious MUSLIM enemy even to wink an eye once is to invite your DEATH. ///////////// 24 Aug 10///////// ========/ 000000000