Date: 30 Aug 2010


In a message dated 30/08/2010 12:01:52 GMT Standard Time, xxxx writes: Speech on Hindu Unity Day in America on 8th August 2010- ///////////// By Anandshankar Pandya. ////////////// Respected brothers and sisters of America, //////////// From this powerful platform of Hindu Unity I appeal to all the Hindus of the world to unite in order to achieve great strength and power to propagate the eternal wisdom of Gita which is”Serve Bhawantu sukhinah” – let everybody be happy in this world and “Paritranaya Sadhunam Vinashayach Dushkritam”- destroy the evil in order to protect the good. This is the aim of Hindu Unity. Hindu Unity is World Unity, World Peace and World Prosperity. ///////////// But in the 11th century when the barbarian Moguls invaded India it lost it lost its freedom just because the Hindu kings were not united as they were fighting among themselves. ///////////// Today Indians are acquiring big companies all over the world. They have become global players. Hence Unites States President, Barack Obama has taken 40 Indians (Hindus) in his team and wants more Indians to settle in America and help in its progress. ////////// But today Hindus and their great religion is under constant attack. Their religious, economic, political and democratic rights are being cut off and distributed to Muslim minorities because India is not a Hindu nation. It is a secular nation although Muslims, Christians, Baudhs, Jews have their own nations. This is just because Hindus are not united. Now why is disunity? ////////////// First because Hindus think it is communal to talk about Hindu Unity. Secondly there is no feeling of ‘Dharmbandhutva’ i.e. religious brotherhood in Hindus hence when millions of Hindus were massacred their hands, feet, nose and ears were cut off and their women dishonored in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kashmir with the result that all 4 Lakh Hindus fled to Jammu, and living there in torn tents like beggars. In contrast Christians and Muslims have a strong feeling of religious brotherhood so even if 10 persons of their community are killed they shout and protest throughout the world. ////////////// Hindus are divided into language, province, religious sects and various castes. Hindus are divided because in history they have never seen, heard, read or talked about the great danger hovering over their head resulting in a long slavery of 700 years. Even today they are suffering from slavish mentality. Their sole aim of life is only earning money. For them Hindu Unity and Hindu glory are useless words. Even today when Hindus neighbor’s house is burning they are not worried. The country or the race which sees danger ahead is always united. Now what should be done for Hindu Unity? //////////// Hindus don’t have much regard for their great noble religion. So, if they sincerely want Hindu Unity they at first should take pride in their great heritage and Hindu Dharma. “Garva se kaho hum Hindu hai”. These are the words of Swami Vivekanandji. Swamiji further declared “In Hinduism lies the vitality of India and the Hindu race and so long as the Hindus do not forget the inheritance of their forefathers there is no power on earth to defeat or destroy them.” This feeling will create unity in diversity among Hindus. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Temples have a great role to play in Hindu Unity by starting service projects for the Hindu society as Church and mosques are doing. /////////////// Hindus should regularly publicize through internet etc the greatness of their Dharma and the danger facing them. //////////////// They should help their Hindu brothers in distress as Muslims and Jews are doing and for this a Hindu Help fund of 10 million dollars should be created. Hindus should do more business among Hindus; they should give jobs especially to poor Hindus and should donate generously to the Hindu organizations which in fact are working for the honor and safety of Hindus. Big functions on Hindu Unity should be organized like the one organized by Shri Narian Kataria and Arish Sahani in coordination with other Hindus institutions in America on 8th August, 2010, on a grand scale. ////////////////// Hindus should realize that if they want to protect their hard earned wealth they should achieve political power which can come only through Hindu Unity, in absence of which Prime Minister Manmohan Singh says that Muslims are poor hence they have first claim on the revenue of India ( as if there are no poor Hindus). Accordingly after 2009, Muslims have been given 6 times more jobs in police, paramilitary forces, government factories, etc. This report was published on the front page in Times of India dated 25th June, 2010, but nothing is given to very poor Hindus. ///////////////// In India everything happens according to the wishes of the Muslims. Afzal Guru and Kasab are not being hanged. No terrorist has ever been punished during all these years but in connection with Gujarat riots there are continuous inquiries of Shri Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat since 8 years but no body has even raised a finger at Farooq Abdulla Chief Minister of Kashmir during whose rule 350,000 Hindus were systematically massacred just because he is a Muslim. Since Narendra Modi is a Hindu and Hindus are not united and have no vote bank, no political party cares for them. Thus Hindus are unable to build a Ram Jamanbhoomi, they are unable to check their religious conversion and cow slaughter, and they are unable to stop the insult heaped on their saints and their gods and Goddess. They are even unable to get punishment for the dangerous terrorists in absence of Hindu Unity. //////////////////// Muslims say we are five and our 25 children. While Hindus say we are 2 and our 2 children. 3 ½ Crore Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators have arrived in India and they are being welcomed for their votes by the secular parties hence they will multiply to 7 crores. Thus in near future India will become Islamistan through election only and then Indian Americans will not be able to go to India. All their property, relatives and temples, tirth, and ashrams will be destroyed and they will be treated like refugees in America. Hence if Hindus all over the world want to survive with honor then they should soon unite in the name of Hindus. They are neither Bengali, Punjabi, Tamilian nor Maharashtraian, they are Hindus only. When Hindus of the world will unite on one platform they will achieve great power, wealth and prosperity because they have great genius and capability. They are second to none in the world and they will give permanent peace and prosperity to the whole world. //////////////////// Unity is life and disunity is death. This is the message of this conference. //////////////// Om Kranti Kranti Kranti. 000000000