Date: 31 Aug 2010


Editorial: Sikhs Threatened by Proponents of Kashmiriyat ---------------------------------------------------------------------- /////////////// WHY BOTHER ABOUT THE SIKHS OF KASHMIR? The headline, "Sikhs threatened by proponents of Kashmiriyat" is especially emotive because of the place of the Sikhs in the psyche of our Hindu nation and also because the very origin of the Sikhs was to DEFEND Hindu Dharma by ATTACKNIG those who were destroying Indian NATIVE religions and traditions. //////////////// The Sikhs acquired special place in the heart of the Hindus because they carry SWORDS, something that MOST brainwashed cowardly HINDUS think to be a sin or crime for them. None of this SCUM of our Hindu nation ever recalls the ancient BATTLES of Mahabharata or Sri Lanka or the conquest of KHYBER by Gen Hari Singh Nalwa in order to inspires our children in that very manner. /////////// Suddenly the great "appeaser & defeatist", BAPU MK GANDHI, seems to have seized our nation's brains and conditioned us like Pavlov's DOGS to "lick" Ahimsa, Tyaag and Surrender day and night. //////////// The result is that the MAJORITY COMMUNITY of India is perishing, or ON THE RUN, before the malicious Muslim morons who were not KICKED OUT the day they snatched our LAHORE and put it under primitive and crude Sharia Law of Arabia. //////////////Deep down in the Hindu mind there is also shock and terror due to the fact that IF THE SIKHS are threatened then even Bhagwan Sri Ram CANNOT save the remaining Hindus. The ISLAMIC dog collar of slavery is awaiting us all. /////////////////////// This is a vital concept since the very place where Bhagwan Sri Ram was born is today a RUIN. It is like the ruins of the ancient temples near The Vatican. ////////////// One really needs to visit Rome, not just to see the glory and grandeur of The Vatican but just to look behind and on the side. You will see acres of devastated landscape with surviving old columns and remains of grand edifices that used to be Temple complexes. //////////// At that time it hits one hard and the cry, "YOU BANDITS!" escapes one's mouth referring to the predators who were the counterparts of MOHAMMEDANS in our own gentle and civilized Land of Vedas. /////////// So, why do we read this news with more fear and trepidation than we read about the devastation of Indian colony in Fiji, of Indian businesses in Uganda and the destruction of our Tamil Hindus in Sri Lanka? /////////////// The reason is that the FIRES that consumed Multan and Lahore and East Bengal & North Kashmir have reached SRINAGAR. The Hindus behave like undisciplined rabble in panic. When the Hindus were forced out of Srinagar in 1989 there was just a murmur in Hindustan. Now it is more than a murmur. The last defences of Bharat are being BREACHED. //////////// If the Government of "JACKALS, DONKEYS AND SHEEP" in NEW DELHI, with an Italian born female on top and a Muslim as a senior judge of the Supreme Court giving verdict over the legitimacy of Sr Ram Temple, then the SIKHS are already LOST. ///////////// YES, lost like those of LAHORE, Multan and Rawalpindi. They were exterminated along with the Hindus less than 65 years ago and if none can recall them now then NONE IS FIT TO SURVIVE in such a Broken Bharat that has not stopped cracking up further since PARTITION. /////////// Who will take notice of the PERISHING SIKIHS of the Valley? Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is NO Winston Churchill but has bigger worries to keep Sonia happy and her female friends like Supreme Commander PATIL and Chief Minister Dixit all safe, If the HIND/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////US are on their mind then it is for one reason: "How to convert or KILL all of them." //////////////// So, dear Hindus, do we not know of all the numerous lectures, books, pamphlets and broadcasts that begin and end with the phrase, "WARNING TO HINDUS"? Surely all those writers, scholars and leaders are not giving this "WAKE UP!" call to a huge flock of sheep being corralled towards the ABATTOIR. ///////////// So when the whole nation could not defend Kashmir and could not recover North Kashmir, and could neither repeal Article 370 in their Constitution nor ensure the safety of the Hindus living in the Valley but have brought us to this day when even the SIKHS are threatened, it is the SIGNAL OF DEATH for all the Hindus in south Asia. /////////// The only advice one can give is this, "Do MORE "puja" and do MORE "akhand paths" in order to ask God to "help us, the weak, the disunited, the meek, the timid, the UNINSPIRED, and the trembling miserable people on this earth." ///////////// Then silently wait for the same fate to befall us that hit all the holy men & mahatmas of Somnath Mandir who awaited the arrival of Mahmud from Ghazni, singing, "Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai." ///////////////// 31 Aug 10 ====== ////////////// Editorial: Sikhs Threatened by Proponents of Kashmiriyat //////////////// By The Editorial Team, on 30-08-2010 09:50 ////////////// Views : 43 Favoured : None///////// Published in : Editorial, Editorial //////////////// The 60,000 strong Sikh community in Jammu & Kashmir is now a threatened lot. While stone pelters have been enlisted to create a new era of unrest in Kashmir the Kashmiri militants are issuing letters to Sikhs with warning - either convert to Islam or leave the Valley. As reported in Times of India, an organisation of Kashmiri Sikhs said that several community members have received these letters. "Community members have received unsigned letters at various places," said All Party Sikh Coordination Committee (ASCC) coordinator Jagmohan Singh Raina. He said the community has decided to stay put and fight these "evil designs" at a meeting in Srinagar. After the expulsion of Hindus from the Kashmir valley, Sikhs are the single largest minority community who are now asked to leave. It is clear that separatists want Kashmir to make an exclusive Islamic state by using force and coercion. So far the designs of Islamists appear to be succeeding as they have been successful in expelling the Hindus from the Valley. //////////////// Every time there is unrest in Kashmir, the war cry is ‘Kashmiriyat' and ‘Azadi'. ‘Azadi' from whom and ‘Kashmiriyat' for what? It is very much evident from the attempts to expel minorities from the Valley at the behest of Pakistan backed jihadis. ‘Kashmiriyat' for them do not symbolise the Hindus sage Rishi Kashyap after whom Kashmir is named. It is not for any pluralist culture, for democracy or for freedom and for an expression of solidarity, resilience and patriotism - it is for Islamic rule and sharia. It does not take into account the glorious past when it used to be a seat of Hindu and Buddhhist culture, when shaivism was practiced, Sikhism flowered and Sufis attained enlightenment. It does not speak about the period when the Kashmir region enjoyed significant ethnic, cultural and religious diversity and when it used to be the home to many legendary Hindu and Buddhist monuments and institutions. It speaks about the culture of violence, gun and stone. The image of a mob throwing stones now best defines the term ‘Kashmiriyat'. It represents mass hysteria created by Islamists who want to crush of freedom of Kashmiris and throw out all the minorities to foist on them the flag of Islam. It is now no more about social and religious harmony, love and brotherhood, it is now about mindless adherence to jihadi principles and Islamic ummah. ///////////////// As Sikhs have vowed to fight this mindset, there is need for Hindus to realize the same. The expelled Kashmiris (Hindus) should continue to fight for their homeland and strive to go back to Kashmir where their history and heritage await calling them to reclaim their lost paradise. 000000000