Empowered Women, Priyanka Gandhi and the new Indira

Date: 31 Aug 2010


Empowered Women, Priyanka Gandhi and the new Indira////////// -------------------------------- Pity & pathetic. //////////// The real native women with all the merit and credentials have been BETRAYED by Congress "swine" and robbed of their power.////////// These females are being imposed on the simple people of India like the Arabian SHARIA Law upon the people of Pakistan.//////// But proud & resurgent HINDUS will wipe them out with one strike one day and bring forth the real women of power ON TOP. /////////// These females, PRIYENKA, SONIA AND A FEW MORE AMONG THEM, are CHRISTIAN, NOT HINDU. ////////// Hindu NOSE is still in DUST since it is the WOMEN OF SOIL who impart dignity to a nation and raise proud children. These females on the other hand, are propped up like those in the Soviet Union or in Nazi Germany. They are on top due to PROPAGANDA, weight of ESTABLISHMENT and due to very INFERIOR Indian reporters and journalists. ////////// Indian editors praising them sky high are the SCUM OF THEIR PROFESSION, the worst on earth and a SHAME for India. /////////// Hindus, who tolerate their daughters embracing ISLAM on marrying a Mohammedan, who can put SHAH RUKH KHAN above all the Hindu actors on cinema screens, and all the COLLAPSED nation who are afraid of raising Sri Ram Temple above the ground and who dare not tell a Muslim in Delhi, "What, the Hell, are YOU doing here after getting your Pakistan?" too, need to be hauled up from the stinking CESSPIT of self-negation and self-pity. ////////// 31 Aug 10 ==========///////// Empowered Women, Priyanka Gandhi and the new Indira //////////// Posted: 24 Aug 2010 04:36 AM PDT ///////// The day of coronation appears to be coming closer…The machinery seems to be working full-time to establish the dynasty in the “hearts and minds” of the people of India. ///////// First you had the “celebrations” around the Prince’s coming of age. Last week we witnessed the pleasing face of the late patriarch beaming from hoardings, posters and advertisements in newspapers…Today, I was alerted to this painstakingly compiled photo album, courtesy NDTV that talks of (emphasis added):////////// “Priyanka’s aura…that definitely cannot be ignored /////////// Wait there is more… /////// Her poise and elegance coupled with her settled attitude, one that sets her apart from all others who hail from political families, is what makes her a truly radiant personlaity..(sic) ///////// Read Sudhir Kumar’s dissection of the piece here. /////////// If you thought this was a just stray report by a junior, over-enthusiastic reporter (working without the help of a sub-editor and possibly without a word-processing software), you may be mistaken…Here is an excerpt from another report from a few days back that went largely un-noticed (emphasis added):////////// A member of India’s pre-eminent political family and the wife of India’s richest man and a businesswoman in her own right will join two high-powered woman politicians as the new brand ambassadors of the adult literacy programme if the human resource development ministry puts its plan into action.////////// According to the blueprint prepared by the ministry earlier this week, Priyanka Vadra, daughter of Congress president Sonia Gandhi; Nita Ambani, wife of Reliance Industries Ltd chairman Mukesh Ambani and co-owner of Mumbai Indians; Supriya Sule, member of Parliament (MP) and daughter of agriculture minister Sharad Pawar; and M. Kanimozhi, MP and daughter of Tamil Nadu chief minister M. Karunanidhi; will be approached for key roles in “Saakshar Bharat”, which will have a specific focus on women. ////////// A senior official in the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India (requesting anonymity) said: ///////////// Priyanka (Vadra)…is a symbol of empowered women…///////// Pity they could not look beyond politicians…and disappointing that no one thought of Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Saina Nehwal, PT Usha, Bacchendri Pal etc etc …or indeed, one of the truly empowered women in history.///////// No wonder estranged cousin Feroze Varun Gandhi feels compelled to draw attention to his lineage. //////// I have been saying this for the past few years now (in private) – and at the risk of putting my foot in the mouth – I will say it aloud today…the stage is being prepared for the real monarch… /////////// Ladies and Gentlemen, Hail the Queen… //////// P.S. I realise I may have burdened my readers with an overdose of the “dynasty” in the last few days. So unless something truly exceptional happens that demands my attention, not another word on the “family” for at least the next two months. I am certain we have far more critical issues to worry about. Comments and thoughts welcome, as always. /////////// Empowered Women, Priyanka Gandhi and the new Indira 000000000