Date: 01 Sep 2010


Muslims and Islam still remain a great mystery to me! (last line below). ////////// WHY MYSTERY? WHAT MYSTERY? ///////// For ANYONE from "PARTITIONED INDIAN SECULAR STATE" (that used to be India, Bharat or Hindusthan) Islam, Mohammed, Koran and Hadis are NO MYSTERY. /////////// We know it, we have experienced it, we have lived it, we have had it, we have suffered it, we have borne it, we have tolerated it despite the mutilation of our sacred motherland, we have even fed it with our suicidal wish or stupidity, and we have seen it ALL THE TIME, since 712 AD. /////////// Compare the decent & respectable map outline of PRE- with the indecent, vulgar and disgusting map outline of POST- partition India. /////////// CHINA IS BUDDHIST IN THE CORE, full of compassion. Her religion came from Bharat and spread far and wide through love and conviction. ////////// ISLAM IS SAVAGE & brutal IN THE CORE, Kafir KILLING, converting, DEGRADING and LAND GRABBING BEAST that spread through Fraud, Deception and SURPRISE ATTACK. It can KILL fellow citizens in millions. it invaded CYPRUS, BROKE UP INDIA, CONFRONTATION NEAR GROUND ZERO and destruction of WTC TOWERS in New York, killed innocent commuters and bus passengers in London, it creates MAYHEM and CORPSES in their own ISLAMIC countries, and has acquired notoriety for SEDUCING, ABDUCTING & CONVERTING non Muslim girls with the 'ease of breathing'. ////////////// How can we compare CHINA with her strong discipline, industriousness, efficiency and ancient NOBILITY with wild ISLAM of violence, aggression, terrorism and non-stop "FIRE & SWORD, RAPE & MURDER" for the last 14 CENTURIES? ////////////// 1 Sep 10 ============= /////////// THE CHARITY OF MUSLIMS- FOLLOWERS OF ISLAM - THE ULTIMATE RELIGION OF PEACE & COMPASSION /////////// We witness the contrast of two countries-China and Pakistan in a time of great tragedy. ///////// Both were devastated by disastrous flooding, landslides, massive destruction and loss of lives. ////////// The Chinese responded by mobilising their own resources, thousand of the arm forces, police and volunteers systematically tackled the problems. You see Chinese all over the country giving donations in all forms, cash and kinds. ////////// The Chinese leaders were at the site of tragedy within 24 hours. In Pakistan, the President was enjoying his holiday trip to London, and he has yet to make his first visit to the scene of tragedy. //////// In Pakistan, we see the long lines of the affected and refugees, dressed in their long robs, blaming that the government for not coming to help them, and so they just sit down and wait and wait, and they are absolutely incapable of organising themselves to help themselves, because the suffering that befall them is God's will- inshaallah! //////////// China has not asked for a single cent from other countries or international organisations for assistance.//////// In the meantime, the UN is seeking US$460 million for Pakistan. ////////// The Talibans said it will give Pakistan $20 million if it rejects aids from the western infidels! The US has pledged $50 million, Australia 9 million. ////////// And the Arab countries? //////////// Kuwait pledged $5 million, Turkey $0.28 million, and UAE $0.028 million which is less than the cost of a toy for an Arab Sheik! The rich Arabs have oil and cash to drown themselves, but none to spare to help their fellow Muslims! /////////// In every tragedy, it is always the western infidels and wealthy Asian nations who respond to the sufferings of the Muslims! /////////// Where is all the love and brotherhood that Muslims preach in their holy Koran? (WRONG! KORAN PREACHES JEHAD & ATTACK AGAINST THE INFIDELS). Each day we hear them pray so loud and clear, but how many reach out into their pockets to give something to their suffering Muslims? ///////////////// The wonders and greatness of Islam and Muslims. Muslims and Islam still remain a great mystery to me!/////////// 000000000