Date: 01 Sep 2010


In a message dated 01/09/2010 11:25:12 GMT Standard Time,xxxxxxxxxx writes:///////// The security forces (SIC) have been valiantly fighting for the unity and integrity of the country. Therefore, the House will have to take a holistic view of the situation.//////// ========= COMMENT: ///////// Security forces may have been valiantly FIGHTING for UNITY and INTEGRITY of the country but they have FAILED. Why?//////// Because security forces were THEN under the "son of a bitch" Jawaharlal Nehru, agent of Imperialism and secret convert to ISLAM (WHO HANDED OVER FIVE PROVINCES OF INDIA WITHOUT A SINGLE CONDITION), and TODAY the security forces are under the jackboot of his DYNASTY. Hindus are mere observers and sufferers on their OWN territory. //////////// Nehru's anti Indian Will became INDIRA KHAN'S Will and then RAJIV ROBERTO'S Will and now it is Sonia's Will on behalf of her Pope. ////////////// "Poor" Security forces are BETRAYED in broad daylight. They have become cannon fodder. They will be fighting battles and wars for Dynasty & Islam but not for BHARAT. And, however much blood they shed, the gain will be to MOHAMMED OF MECCA, not to the HINDUS or HINDUSTHAN. . //////////// When the POLITICIANS (ruling "bastards") themselves are anti national and friends of the enemy and corrupt crooks, the full price is paid by simple, loyal, innocent & trusting young men of the security forces and the disciplined armed forces. ////////// What is desirable is nearly impossible to achieve: that the security forces ought to turn their GUNS on these "bastards & bitches" who are grinding the Axe of Islam & Italy in Bharat, and liquidate their ALL-INDIA CONGRESS PARTY in order to hand over Hindusthan to the HINDUS. ////////////// No one else has the same STAKE in the soil and territory of Bharat as the HINDUS. Muslim loyalty is to MECCA and PAKISTAN. Christian loyalty is to the WESTERN IMPERIALIST POWERS including VATICAN, UK and the USA.///////// Hence it is IMPOSSIBLE for the despicable "dogs and bitches", sitting at the feet of SONIA in Lok Sabha (Parliament in New Delhi), to repeal Article 370 of Constitution, just as it was IMPOSSIBLE for Nehru & his Congress Party to employ the INDIAN army to defend LAHORE. ///////////// 1 Sep 10 ================= 000000000