Date: 02 Sep 2010


In a message dated 02/09/2010 09:52:38 GMT Standard Time, writes:///////// well the holy month ... and action of peaceful Muslim is visible... this year again, they have problem with Hindu religious ceremonies, though Ramadan night feast and parties must not be objected ..... because that is counted in Islamophobia !!! //////////// //////////// greetings, xxxxxxxxxx///////// ================= Gretings/////////////// RAMADAN OR NO RAMADAN. Muslims are KAFIR KILLER "wolves" in human form. In BROKEN BHARAT (Partitioned India) the HINDUS ARE LIKE RED RAG TO THE ISLAMIC BULL. //////////// But where they have SUCCEEDED in exterminating the KAFIRS, they now set upon each other. Yesterday in LAHORE, the historic capital of Punjab and the sacred city where Guru Arjun Dev was martyred after extreme torture, they exploded THREE bombs to kill those taking part in the SHIA procession. Within seconds THIRTY FOLLOWERS OF MOHAMMED LAY DEAD AND 250 LAY BLEEDING. They were blasted by "true" Muslims. ///////////// These PAKISTANI (damn) fools were DEGRADED, CONVERTED & BRAINWASHED by their ARAB supreme MASTERS who made them blind to the peace of Hinduism and the vitality of Sikhism and the intellectual heights of Buddhism- all NATIVE to the sacred soil of Bharat. //////////// Bandit Nehru, a traitor and secret convert to Islam, betrayed us all when he gave FIVE PROVINCES of India to BLOODTHIRSTY Mohammed without a single condition, He made our brave ARMED FORCES watch their ignoble historic RETREAT from Lahore, making them look like "Eunuchs in Uniform". The Indian army has never recovered their good reputation since. ////////////// Their HONOUR will be restored only when KHYBER PASS and the last inch of occupied NORTH KASHMIR comes under Tiranga (Bhagwa). ///////////// On 15 August 1947 the Indian Armed Forces had the POWER, STRENGTH and CAPABILITY to wipe out all the ISLAMIC resistance from KHYBER to CHITTAGING and hang their Qaid-i-Azam MOHAMMED ALI JINNAH from the gallows in DELHI where guru Tegh Bahadur was BEHEADED. /////////////// The wretched state of the MUSLIMS in Pakistan now is no secret to anyone and the fate of the INDIAN, SO-CALLED INDIAN, Muslims should be in NO doubt either. ///////////////// Despite the Constitution of Congress "dogs and bitches" that does NOT mention PARTITION, the Hindus will one day ASK the Muslims, WITH "JOOTA" and stick in hand and ABUSE in mouth, to go to their Pakistan or to HELL. ///////////// The so-called devious, treacherous, "INDIAN" Muslims will be given the choice, as they gave the choice to our own noble ancestors, on our own territory, "ISLAM OR DEATH?". ///////////// The Hindus cannot be fed the sleeping gas or buried under devious propaganda to tell us that INDIA belongs to all. Oh REALLY? What was Partition about, then? /////////// The first to be DELETED from such "Buck-waas" (nonsense) List are the MOHAMEDANS. ////////////// We, the people of India (AKHAND BHARAT), will DEMAND an EXPLANATION of that bogus Hindu-Killer PARTITION that was 100% in favour of Mohammed and left us a rump of India with disgusting map outline in which we cannot even raise the TEMPLE OF GLORY TO SRI RAMA and the other to the GRANDEUR OF SRI KRISHNA while looking at, and tolerating, the provocative mosques all over Bharat that are exact copies of the dry macho repulsive Arabian style, all over. ///////////// The brave Hindus of tomorrow, with the name of Guru Govind Singh on lips, will DEMAND to see one temple in ARABIA for every half a mosque in our own sacred Bharat. ////////// 2 Sep 10/////////// =========== . =========== ///////////// MUSLIMS AMONG THEMSELVES (Islam being a religion of peace):////////// Why no mosque in New York//////////// 000000000