Date: 06 Sep 2010


TERRIBLE NEWS. (below)///////////// It is ALWAYS the Hindus who are killed, raped and massacred by the MUSLIMS. What is the way out?//////////////// The way out if NOT demonstrations, court battles, wasting police time in catching Mohammeds. It is futile and give big JOY to the "bastards" who watch the Hindus and the police GOING ROUND IN CIRCLES.////////////// By the time these murders are forgotten, there will be ANOTHER such bestial act. It will continue till eternity.////////// Their aim is to BLEED the Hindus and make them so docile, timid and terrified that they should simply give way to the Jehadis who wish to fly their flag over Delhi. To our BAD LUCK the government is more than half JEHADIS. Hence they will NOT do anything decisive to end this beating and thrashing of the MAJORITY community who become sheep before these few WOLVES./////////// WHAT IS THE WAY OUT?///////// The way was shown by GUJARAT state a few years ago. When the Mohammedans set fire to a train compartment the brave Gujeratis took to streets and KILLED every Mohammed that the saw. PEACE DESCENDED in Gujarat. Sonia's government could not do more than huff puff and threaten Mr. Modi of dire consequences. They cannot put the whole lot of Hindus in Jail. Can they? /////////// Please pass this on. If you want peace then GIVE A GOOD BASHING TO ANY MOHAMMED WHO marries seduces, rapes or marries a Hindu girls and TEN TIMES more KILLING if they dare to kill a Hindu. /////////// The Hindus ought to regard themselves as the MASTERS OF HINDUSTHAN. They must not stoop down to share power with Muslims and Christians. Just look at Pakistan and Iran. How much of power they share with the Hindus or the Bahais? See England and USA. How much power do they share with the Chinese and the Asians? ///////////////// Hindus after seeing the PARTITION of our sacred motherland need not copy but act on their own as per the need of time and to TEACH ANY MISCREANT A LESSON THEY WILL NOT FORGET. Just remember GEN. HARI SINGH NALWA. When he sacked PESHAWAR and put his BHAGWA flag over KHYBER PASS there was peace from Afghanistan. THAT is our history, NOT THE ONE taught by Congress nominated "Education" ministers.////////// 1. On hearing such incidents in Bharat EVERY Hindu must whisper, think or SHOUT: "How dare they?" //////////// 2. At every RSS rally all present should stand up at the start and sing the hymn by Guru Govind Singh ji: "DEH SHIVA BARR MOHE EHI, SHUBH KARMAN SE KABHON NA TARON." Then just watch the SPIRIT of the Hindu nation rising. Don't be shy or afraid. Dare to SING it in public. The soul stirring hymn is not yet banned by the anti Hindu Congress "goondah" Sarkar. //////// 3. Please "RELATE" to your fellow Hindus. Let the "WOLVES" not see us like the "sheep" to kill one or two or three and fear NO retaliation. To confront these "WOLVES" in our PARTITIONED INDIA we need to become "TIGERS and LIONS". Thank you. //////////////// =================///////// NEWS://///////// YET ANOTHER ATTACK ON PEACEFUL HINDUS IN HINDUSTHAN by MUSLIM Jehadis: NAGPUR: The killing of an 80-year-old priest of ancient Mahadeo temple along with two activists of Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad sparked tension at Arni in Yavatmal district on Friday. //////////// VHP has called for Yavatmal district bandh on Saturday and supported the protesting townsmen`s decision to perform the last rites of the deceased only after the culprits are arrested. A group of men hanging around a nearby dargah who were into illegal sand business is suspected to be behind the attack in which three persons were killed and one was seriously injured. /////////// Priest Ramoji Mirase, Bajrang Dal activist Rajesh Ingole (28) and VHP worker Motiram Shinde (55) were found dead in a pool of blood on the temple premises by devotees who went there around 8am. ////////// 000000000