Date: 10 Sep 2010


HINDUS ARE PAYING HEAVY PRICE FOR NEHRU'S HIGH TREASON. HE GAVE THE INDIGENOUS INDIAN MUSLIMS ONE THIRD OF INDIA (arbitrarily, without referendum, challenge or FIGHT) AND ALSO INSISTED ON KEEPING THEM BACK IN BHARAT INSTEAD OF CARRYING OUT POPULATION EXCHANGE (throwing them OUT, lock, stock and KORAN).////////////// WHAT IS THE WAY OUT: We recommend serious study of SIKH RESISTANCE in Punjab during 18th and 19th century. ////////// They were part of the HINDU "SHEEP" being killed, looted, degraded, abducted, raped and CONVERTED on our own TERRITORY, and heavily OUTNUMBERED by mischievous wild MOHAMMEDAN "WOLVES" on all sides. ////////// Hindu intellectuals & LEADERS must ask now: "WHAT DID THE SIKHS DO, NOT ONLY TO KEEP THE WOLF AT BAY BUT ALSO TO FLY THEIR SOVEREIGN BHAGWA FLAG OVER LAHORE, SRINAGAR AND KHYBER?" ////////// Congress BANDITS ("DOGS & BITCHES") are bent upon DECIMATING, DEMORALIZING AND THEN EXTERMINATING THE HINDUS IN HINDUSTHAN. AND WE ARE ALL LETTING THEM DO IT WITH UTMOST EAST! //////////// Isn't it amazing that the whole HINDU NATION is sitting helplessly and pathetically at the feet OF A WORTHLESS ITALIAN IMPORTED FEMALE, waiting for more bad news, massacres, insults, and loss of life & property? WHY IS THERE NO SIGN OF ANY INITIATIVE? ////////////// 8 sep 10 ============= 000000000