Hindus Are Facing Existential Threat in Deganga

Date: 10 Sep 2010


RE: - Hindus Are Facing Existential Threat in Deganga - North 24 Parganas District of West Bengal, India ============================================== Dear friends////////// The PM of India and the CM of tiny strip of land called West Bengal are the "MICE" under the foot of Cat called ISLAM. Those who cannot say "PARTITION" but keep on telling their timid and ignorant Hindu following of "independence", are in NO position to keep the Islamic WOLF away from the Hindu "sheep" even in our own country, ironically named HINDUSTHAN. ////////////// These Hindus are delivered daily on our own territory to threats of death, degradation, abduction and RAPE. They are still lucky. The same situation in DARK INDIA prevailed in the previous CENTURIES when the Hindus were under fanatic, barbaric Mohammedan emperors like AURANGZEB. /////////// The Hindus were being burnt alive, beheaded and abducted, raped, degraded and CONVERTED by the thousand every day. /////////// When times were as DARK as now, a phenomenon occurred. The SUFFERING MAJORITY COMMUNITY took the matter in their own hands defying their hostile government. /////////// In the West SHIVAJI raised the flag of U.D.I. (unilateral declaration of independence) and in the North GURU GOBIND SINGH turned the entire sheepish Hindu following into sword bearing KHALSA to take on the savage Mohammedans. /////////// Shivaji's brave followers, flying BHAGWA flag, went on to capture DELHI, though for a short time. Guru Gobind Singh's followers not only established a SIKH KINGDOM in Punjab with capital in LAHORE but also sent army to capture PESHAWAR and KHYBER after DEFEATING the ancestors of AL QAIDA and the TALIBAN.///////// Both these great leaders were not pacifists, apologists and appeasers like MK Gandhi but proceeded along the lines of Sri KRISHNA at the battle of KURUKSHETRA and BANDA SINGH BAHADUR who sacked the city of SIRHIND and killed the Muslim GOVERNOR and his soldiers to avenge the brutal murder of two little sons of Guru Gobind Singh ji. ////////// Every Hindu throughout the world ought to KNOW that inhuman punishment to the innocent small children better than we know the life stories of NEHRU, GANDHI and JINNAH, the three SATANIC SONS of Mother India who among themselves BROKE up India in rivers of blood. /////////// While separatist Jinnah celebrated his Governorship in Karachi and timid Gandhi went silent, traitor Nehru refused to comfort the streaming Hindu Sikh REFUGEES pouring in from the "BASTARD" State called Pakistan but insisted on keeping the Indian Muslims back, legally and constitutionally equating them (as EQUALS) to the Hindu and the Sikh in his rotten CONSTITUTION. //////////// The country has not had a day of peace since that "settlement" of 1947 that also saw Kashmir go up in FLAMES. Nehru's government and dynasty and their despicable Hindu and SIKH stooges have only bashed the HINDUS since while strengthening the Muslims to the extent what we now see in West Bengal. ///////////// PARTITIONED India may be prospering ECONOMICALLY by leaps and bounds but we need to go and see the plight of these terrified Hindus in West Bengal and South Kashmir and the DEGRADATION OF THE SIKHS who need to apply for visa to visit Sri Nankana Sahib that was once under SIKH RAJ and later easily accessible in British INDIA.///////////////// HINDU leaders should get world's FIRST prize in COWARDICE and mediocre leadership. They could neither rally the Hindus prior to 1947 to confront the mischievous Muslim MINORITY head on, nor could they IGNORE the high courts and the supreme court to raise Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya in order to INSPIRE the timid Hindu following, nor UNITE them to face the danger collectively. ////////////// The Hindu nation is being cut, bashed, thrashed, beaten and EXTERMINATED piecemeal, bit by bit, region by region till the FIRES will consume DELHI like Dhaka, Lahore and Srinagar. Hindu leaders lack INITIATIVE and bold action. We must wonder as to how long more shall we see Hindus still living in South Asia while we are EXTINCT in Pakistan and Bogusdesh already. //////////// We should all come to the rescue of HINDU LEADERS not so much the Hindu VICTIMS. We need to study how Guru Gobind Singh recovered his following from the DARK & MENACING ISLAM. He asked man, woman and child to carry "kirpan" ALL THE TIME, and deal with the Muslim "wolf" ("shaitan") ON THE SPOT. He gave them soul stirring national anthem to invoke the blessing of Shiva: "DEH SHIVA BURR MOHE IH....." LET THE HINDUS SING IT DAY AND NIGHT. /////////////// Finally he gave them the "Jaya-kaara" of SAT SRI AKAL that silenced their "ALLAH HU AKBAR" on the spot, scaring the temerity out of every Mohammed's head. /////////// When will our LEADERS muster guts to give the call, "HINDUSTHAN is the LAND OF HINDUS."? Don't we hear "Islamic Pakistan, Islamic Iran, Islamic Saudi Arabia, Islamic Malaysia, Islamic Indonesia and Islamic Libya" and even Christian America and Christian England"? The only one missing is the gutless "chicken" HINDU HINDUSTHAN. Shame on all of us. /////////// Who is responsible for the break up of India? Hindu LEADERS. Who is responsible to have the Muslims back in Broken Bharat? Hindu LEADERS. Who has never told the people since 1947 that LAHORE will always be in Hindusthan? Hindu LEADERS. Who has never reminded all of us of the once popular slogan, "AKHAND BHARAT- AMAR RAHE!" Hindu LEADERS.//////////// Who has never told the HINDUS not to take it lying down in South Kashmir or West Bengal? Hindu LEADRES.///////// Who has never mustered guts and conviction to ask SONIA MAINO and RAHUL GANDHI to embrace SANATAN DHARMA or "QUIT INDIA"? Hindu LEADERS. ////////// The REASON? The Hindu LEADERS have tremendous INFERIORITY COMPLEX. They lack SELF ESTEEM. They are AFRAID. They fear for their disunited scattered and timid following. ////////////// The enemy sees this. The enemy EXPLOITS this. The enemy kills the Hindus AND GETS AWAY WITH IT- time after time.////////// So let us look towards the Hindu LEADERS and if even ONE Hindu is molested, raped or killed because he or she is a HINDU then we should hurl abuse at the LEADERS. ////////////// The Muslims are doing WHAT COMES NATURALLY TO THEM. But are WE to let them carry on? ///////////// Learn about the world. See the MOTIVATION of that pastor in America to BURN KORAN and then tell your followers why he is doing so? He has IDENTIFIED the enemy. Have we? //////////////// The Christians do not go by "Offer the other cheek!" nor do the Muslims go by "killing one innocent person is like killing the entire mankind." They are KILLING HUNDREDS OF FELLOW MUSLIMS EVERY DAY and all their victims are INNOCENT. /////////////// We Hindus must regard these Pandits, Preachers and Granthis as either FOOLS or enemies who are preaching universal love without mentioning the SLAVERY of LAHORE, NANKANA SAHIB and the ruins of AYODHYA and the obscene provocative mosque in MATHURA in the same breath. ////////////////// We need a new vibrant, dynamic and progressive HINDU Party to revive the dead and the semi conscious HINDU nation. /////////// 9 Sep 10. (D minus 2) ======================= In a message dated 09/09/2010 19:15:12 GMT Standard Time, xxxxxxxxxx writes: RE: - Hindus Are Facing Existential Threat in Deganga - North 24 Parganas District of West Bengal, India ======================////// To Hon’ble Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh Prime Minister of Republic of India To Hon’ble Buddhadeb Bhattacharya Chief Minster of West Bengal //////// Re: Anti-Hindu Atrocities in Deganga in North 24 Parganas District of West Bengal, India ====================== ///// Dated September 09, 2010///////// Dear Dr. Singh and Mr. Bhattachaya, ///////// A situation of utmost urgency has developed in Deganga in Uttar 24 Parganas where anti-Hindu communalists are attacking Hindus, and desecrating Hindu temples in Hindu-majority India. Shops belonging to Hindus have been looted, public property has been torched, and individuals have been assaulted based entirely on their Hindu religion. We are writing on behalf of the entire community including non-resident Bengali community from IndiaThe state government has been utterly failed to control the violence. ////////// There are credible reports that the rioters have assaulted and injured police personnel and their lives are hanging by a thread. The “Rapid Action Force” is nowhere to be found. There are also credible reports that the riots are organized and led by anti-Hindu groups and are not spontaneous. ////////// These kinds of events against Hindus have occurred multiple times in the Basirhat and Barasat Subdivisions of North 24 Parganas. Hindu Women have been the worst victimes of the Islamist activities, and we need to make sure that they are protected. ///////// We urge your governments to declare martial law and bring in the Army to control this religious violence on Hindus, and attempts for Hindu cleansing as across the border. We also urge your dministration for the immediate arrest and prosecution of anti-Hindu terrorists, complete compensation and reparation for the victims, and apologize for breaking of Hindu temples with reconstruction of the same with due honor. ////// We are shocked by the acts of censorship on the part of West Bengal news media. You need to shift the pardigm in perception and accordingly act decisivly to prevent the inevitable Hindu exodius which will happen in a very short period making this part of Bengal another Kashmir, for which you will be totally responsible, and history will not pardon you. ///////// Dr Singh and Mr. Bhattacharya, as both of you are refugees, we are assured that you understand the implications of the above statements. ////////// Sincerely yours,//// ///////////// ==xxxxxxxxxxxxxx -- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Florida pastor says imam lied to him about Ground Zero mosque deal////////////////// COMMENT://////////// Imam did the ISLAMIC thing, to DECEIVE. //////////// Musalmaan is FRAUD through and through. Islam has been defined as "Deception, Fraud and Surprise ATTACK," and a Mohammedan (Muslim) has been defined as "Musalmaan, Be-Iman, Shaitan, Haiwan". /////////// We should read history of how, through list and cunning, deceit and trickery, they have ALWAYS advanced the cause of MOHAMMED OF MECCA when they were unable to thrust forward by BOMB & SWORD. //////////// The mosque WILL BE MADE on the very spot. The Pastor and all the NON MUSLIMS who are agitating against the obscene & provocative building will be left "licking their wounds". Christians of America WILL BE told that "ISLAM HAS ARRIVED FOR YOUR TERRITORY, WEALTH & DAUGHTERS, AND TO SNATCH POLITICAL POWER." /////////// WHAT IS KORAN? The book itself was born out of LIE & DECEPTION. Mohammed became rich enough after marrying a wealthy businesswoman Khadija to pay the WRITERS to compose the verses including the SATANIC VERSES brought to light by Salman Rushdie. ////////// How can a book of God, DICTATED BY GOD, ever condemn the KAFIRS (infidels) when the Infidels, too, pray to the same God? /////////// It is only the HINDU religion where God is attributed to have created ALL, including the pig and the dog, declared unclean by prejudiced nasty Mohammed. //////////// How can the MUSLIMS, including scholars, doctors and professors be thus FOOLED? ///////////// You will get the answer if you ask the question, "How could the NAZIS drag shrieking women and terrified children to gas chambers?" /////////// It is INDOCTRINATION that makes people go mad and acquire BLIND faith. In this way they become lethal DANGER TO FELLOW HUMANS. This is what explains the MASSACRE of fellow Muslim Ahmediyas and Shias in Pakistan after they brutally wiped out the SIKHS and exterminated the HINDUS. /////////// Yet they have the audacity, gall and cheek to fly into Truth by quoting Koran, THE BOOK OF DECEPTION & FRAUD, as saying, "to kill one innocent person is like killing the entire mankind." ///////// How can you wake up a MUSALMAN whose bran is DEAD? All these SUICIDE BOMBERS in Pakistan must be killing the entire mankind a hundred times over, each day, as per Koran! /////////// The Allies did thorough DE-BRAINWASHING of the NAZIS and made Germany and the rest of the world SAFE. But who will do the de-brainwashing of the MUSLIMS? /////////// Burning the BOOK OF INTOLERANCE, INSTIGATION, PROVOCATION, FRAUD and JIHAD was one tiny step towards the DE-MYSTIFICATION of KORAN, the Book of "FITNA" & Hatred. ////////// Sep 10, 2010//////// ============================= 000000000