Date: 10 Sep 2010


KASHMIR: HINDU: REFUGEE IN THEIR OWN HOMELAND DUE TO " LOVE " FROM THEIR MUSLIM NEIGHBOURS. //////////// KERALA: - REGULAR ATTACK ON INNOCENT HINDUS BY MUSLIM FANATICS. //////// BIHAR: - KISHENGANJ DISTRICT WITH A MUSLIM MAJORITY POPULATION of 60 LAKH BANGLA INFILTRATORS , BANNED HINDU FESTIVALS. //////////// ASSAM: - MUSLIM MAJORTY AREAS UNSAFE with 2 Lakh HINDUS MADE REFUGEES.BENGAL /////////// BORDER AREAS:' MUSLIM FOLLOWING HEREDITARY ANTI HINDU RIOTS.MOST RECENT IS DEGANGA RIOTS before this. /////////// And when they are overall minority, they want a special type of secularism that ensures:- MUSLIM STUDENT BELONGING TO FAMILY EARNING upto Rs.38,000/- p.m WILL HAVE A RESERVATION but not HINDUS as in Kashmir, NO MERCY for any BPL HINDU STUDENT. ////////// THE TORTURED KASHMIRI HINDUS AT REFUGEE CAMPS of Delhi NEED TO BUY RICE @ RS.40/- PER KG AND A KASHMIRI MUSLIM WHO TORTURED THAT INNOCENT HINDU WILL ENJOY THE SAME AMOUNT @RS.1/- //////////// IN A SECULAR NATION HINDUS WILL PAY PILGRIMAGE TAX AND A MUSLIM WILL RECEIVE HAJ SUBSIDY OF RS.26,000/- FROM GOVT to go to MECCA. ////////// A HINDU HAVING AN EXTRA WIFE WILL BE ARRESTED BY A MUSLIM POLICEMAN HAVING TWO WIVES , CHARGESHEETED BY A MUSLIM LAWYER WITH THREE WIVES , PENALIZED BY A MUSLIM JUDGE WITH FOUR "LEGAL" WIVES AND FINALLY THE REPORT WILL (may be) PUBLISHED BY A MUSLIM JOURNALIST. //////////// Many more such vested interest can be fulfilled only in this special type of secularism that can be uniquely found in our " INCREDIBLE INDIA ". ////////////// As M. J. Akbar repeats, " India is secular not because Muslims need it, but because Hindus want it." But, Hindus never wanted pseudo secularism that goes on in India and worshipped by biased media , exploiter politicians and piece-ful Muslims. 000000000