Date: 10 Sep 2010


Florida pastor says imam lied to him about Ground Zero mosque deal ////////////// COMMENT://///////// Imam did the ISLAMIC thing, to DECEIVE.//////// Musalmaan is FRAUD through and through. Islam has been defined as "Deception, Fraud and Surprise ATTACK," and a Mohammedan (Muslim) has been defined as "Musalmaan, Be-Iman, Shaitan, Haiwan". //////////// We should read history of how, through list and cunning, deceit and trickery, they have ALWAYS advanced the cause of MOHAMMED OF MECCA when they were unable to thrust forward by BOMB & SWORD. /////////// The mosque WILL BE MADE on the very spot. The Pastor and all the NON MUSLIMS who are agitating against the obscene & provocative building will be left "licking their wounds". Christians of America WILL BE told that "ISLAM HAS ARRIVED FOR YOUR TERRITORY, WEALTH & DAUGHTERS, AND TO SNATCH POLITICAL POWER." ///////////// WHAT IS KORAN? The book itself was born out of LIE & DECEPTION. Mohammed became rich enough after marrying a wealthy businesswoman Khadija to pay the WRITERS to compose the verses including the SATANIC VERSES brought to light by Salman Rushdie.////////// How can a book of God, DICTATED BY GOD, ever condemn the KAFIRS (infidels) when the Infidels, too, pray to the same God?//////////// It is only the HINDU religion where God is attributed to have created ALL, including the pig and the dog, declared unclean by prejudiced nasty Mohammed. ///////////// How can the MUSLIMS, including scholars, doctors and professors be thus FOOLED? //////////// You will get the answer if you ask the question, "How could the NAZIS drag shrieking women and terrified children to gas chambers?" //////////// It is INDOCTRINATION that makes people go mad and acquire BLIND faith. In this way they become lethal DANGER TO FELLOW HUMANS. This is what explains the MASSACRE of fellow Muslim Ahmediyas and Shias in Pakistan after they brutally wiped out the SIKHS and exterminated the HINDUS. ////////////// Yet they have the audacity, gall and cheek to fly into Truth by quoting Koran, THE BOOK OF DECEPTION & FRAUD, as saying, "to kill one innocent person is like killing the entire mankind." //////////////// How can you wake up a MUSALMAN whose bran is DEAD? All these SUICIDE BOMBERS in Pakistan must be killing the entire mankind a hundred times over, each day, as per Koran! /////////////// The Allies did thorough DE-BRAINWASHING of the NAZIS and made Germany and the rest of the world SAFE. But who will do the de-brainwashing of the MUSLIMS? //////////// Burning the BOOK OF INTOLERANCE, INSTIGATION, PROVOCATION, FRAUD and JIHAD was one tiny step towards the DE-MYSTIFICATION of KORAN, the Book of "FITNA" & Hatred. ////////// =========================== In a message dated 10/09/2010 09:13:58 GMT Standard Time, writes: ///////////// Florida pastor says imam lied to him about Ground Zero mosque deal Sep 09, 2010 10:07 pm ///////////// It's just difficult to imagine a "misunderstanding" arising over such a major point. Jones called off the Qur'an burning for the moment; now the onus ought to be on Imam Muhammad Musri to come clean about what he told Jones. Hopefully, there were witnesses. For something this important, there should... ////////////// 000000000