49% of AMERICANS say....

Date: 11 Sep 2010


In a message dated 10/09/2010 17:04:30 GMT Standard Time, chloe.tilley@bbc.co.uk writes: //////////// And in the middle of this we have a new poll from ABC and the Washington Post that finds that 49% of Americans say they have generally unfavourable opinions of Islam. ----------------- /////////// COMMENT: ////////// The rest (51%) of Americans have not had their families SLAUGHTERED, lands OCCUPIED and daughters or sisters RAPED so far. ////////// Please DISCOVER the birth of PAKISTAN, the "ISLAMIC Devil" that was violently taken out of the body of SECULAR INDIA in pools of blood in 1947, killing two million and forcing 15 million out of their homes. /////////// Please speak to the bereaved families of the 54 innocent BRITONS killed in July 2005. Also speak to the kith and kin of those thousands who were KILLED in WTC towers in New York nine years ago. //////////// Americans will soon find out that VIOLENT, PROVOCATIVE, CONFRONTATIONALIST, INTOLERANT, CHALLENGING, RUDE, CRUDE, MACHO AND SEPARATIST ISLAM has arrived. /////////// From now onwards there will be no peace in America till either the MUSLIMS or "The Rest" are EXTERMINATED. ///////// There used to be Buddhists in Afghanistan! //////// There used to be Zoroastrians in Iran! //////// There used to be Hindus in Multan and Sikhs in LAHORE! ////////// Let it not be said one day, "THERE USED TO BE CHRISTIANS IN ENGLAND and AMERICA!" //////////// Fast breeding “WOLVES" have been introduced into these green “sheep pastures”, too. //////////// September 11, 2010.////////// =========== 000000000