Date: 13 Sep 2010


> Sept 11, 2010:* The speech by Hindu Human Rights Watch at the rally is > given below. >///////////////// > I thank Stop Islamization of America, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer for > giving opportunity to speak at this rally on behalf of Hindus and Sikhs. On > September 11th , 2001 the entire nation pledged solidarity. Shedding tears > with those who had lost their sons, their fathers, their daughters, their > mothers, their husbands, wives, brothers and sister we vowed that we will > never forget their grave loss. Just 9 years later we have forgotten the > promises we made to these families. So much so that we are entertaining the > thought of desecrating the final resting place of the loved ones of these > families by building a mosque by the name of Cordoba House. We all know that > Cordova house symbolizes butchery of Christians in Spain and destruction of > a Church only to be replaced by the 3rd largest Mosque in the world. What is > happening to us as a people today that we are even debating this? As one > wise philosopher once said, those who forget their history are condemned to > relive it. Are we so carried away with liberalism that we do not have a > moment to study the history and the serious threat we face today? We need > to wake up and understand the threat of Islam to our country, our > civilization and everything we have build our society upon. Let us not > condemn our own children to relive the barbaric history. > >//////////////// > > Let me tell you what happened to Hindus in India. It would be a grim > reminder to all of us to what can happen if we are not vigilant. When > Columbus set sail to distant land, the land he was looking for is > India. India, like today’s America was very open and tolerant society, scientifically > and materially advanced and held 25% of world’s GDP just until few > centuries ago. India at that time included today’s Pakistan, Bangla Desh > and Afghanisthan. But what happened to the great society as they gave > into pacifism and liberalism. Hindu Kings were unprepared for the brutal > violence of Islamic invaders from 1100’s. Hindu Kings were never prepared > to the deception, hate and brutality in war and the senseless murder of > innocent citizens and the rape of women that caused holocaust of 80 million > Hindus. They destroyed hundreds of thousands of magnificent temples and > build symbols of conquest. They made sure the worshipped statues of the > Hindu temples are placed under the steps of Mosques as ultimate insult to > infidels and their religion. Taj Mahal, you know today is a Hindu Palace > temple. According to Arab’s own accounts they talked with pride that they > killed the Hindu infidels to such extent that they filled their rivers with > blood by following the word of Allah. They even have a mountain > named, “Hindu Khush” near Afghanisthan, the slaughter of 100,000 Hindus on just one day > where they slit their throats and left to die in 1300’s. Just > recently, Mahatma Gandhi pacifism and liberalism resulted in slaughter of millions of Hindus > and in just 60 years Muslim majority country Pakistan literally wiped out > 25% of Hindu/Sikh population by kidnapping women and girls, raping the > women and murdering the infidels and forcing conversions or evicting > them. Actually, most of it was done in matter of few months. Muslim majority country > Bangla Desh genocide of Hindus caused their population decrease from 30% to > less than 10% today and the Islamic Government instituted laws that they > have right to take away infidel land any time. What is happening in Hindu > majority India. Muslims percentage increased from 7% to 15%. In just > last few years, the number of terror deaths and terror incidents in India is > next to Iraq. What happened in 9/11 was repeated on 26/11 in Mumbai. In > India there was only one state where Muslims are majority, that is Kashmir. > Overnight 18 years ago, they drove away 350,000 Hindus under threat of > violence and rape of women overnight, they are still living as refugees in > their own country in squalid camps. Now hear this, Just in the last 48 > hours, as part of Ramadan celebrations, Muslims in north eastern > state of India in the state of West Bengal, where Muslims are in larger percentage have > announced that they will rape every hindu woman and girl and started > rampaging Hindu shops and homes. Indian Government has to call in Army to > control the situation. > >///////////////// > > This is the story we want to tell you millions of times so that America as > well as Europe never face the same situation by its preoccupation to > liberalism. We do not want 100 years down the road somewhere in the world > someone talk about what happened to this great country. What is happening > in north eastern state of India today can very well happen in Michigan as > percentage of Muslims increase. What happened in Kashmir and various > parts of India as Muslims increased in numbers will happen in many parts of > this country. We are seeing this in the towns of Europe already. Consider > this. Few hundred years ago until Islam invaded, Pakistan and Afghansithan > it was filled with Buddhists who would rather die than kill even a small > animal. Today their descendants are performing barbaric acts under the > name of Taliban and perpetrated the brutal acts on 9/11 against our country > and killed thousands of innocent citizens. The once peaceful lands are all > terrorist countries. >////////////// > However, I do not blame Muslims. It is the ideology of hate will do to a > human being. Just look at Saudi Arabia where Koran is the constitution. > They teach their little children from Koran that Christians and Jews are > pigs, Hindus are worse than animals, infidels are equivalent to Urine, feces, dead body. > They produced 15 of the 17 well educated terrorists who committed 9/11. > You cannot put a church, Synagogue or temple but they are spending billions of > dollars building Mosques in our country and teaching intolerance and hate to > thousands of Muslim children in our country. The situation is so bad that > todays Jihadis are not from Pakistan, but from the Saudi funded Mosques in > our own country. >//////////////////// > > Unfortunately, this country is filled with many gullible people who have no > idea of what they are talking about and are lulled into complacency and > there is an urgent need for all of us to educate ourselves and be prepared. > What is happening in America today is Stealth Jihad because America is > still strong to be defeated by open war or Overt Jihad. They are doing > this by conversion of criminals in our jail system to turn against infidels > following the example of their prophet in the 700’s when he recruited > criminals to destroy Jewish tribes, investing in media and universities to > fool and lull us about Islam, investing in finance for future financing of > jihad and lobbying with politicians to subvert our constitution, > brainwashing Muslims and Muslim children in Saudi funded Wahabbi > Mosques. They have proceeding with a plan, a grand plan, by subverting your educational, > your political, your financial institutions and creating an home grown army > to bring this country to knees and submit to Islam. Now reflect, where > should Imam Rauf spread tolerance, is it in America or the Saudi Arabia and > other Islamic countries? > >/////////////////// > > What is the solution? First of all remember, the more you give into > threat, the more you lose freedom. I can burn Gita, I can burn Bible, I > can burn Talmud but I am not allowed to burn Koran. They can burn and > stamp our flag every time, but we are not allowed to say things about their > prophet or burn their Koran. If everyone stands up for their rights, they > cannot target a few. Danish cartoons and its aftermath created so much > fear that American media froze into fear and the Comedy central lacked > courage to do a piece on prophet. This is not tolerance, this is giving > up our freedom and giving in to the Jihadis. >//////////////// > > > Secondly, in order to win this war, you have to confront the ideology of > hate. According to center for study of Political islam, 60% of Koran is > political, fully 19% of Koran is of violent Jihad. 75% Sira, the life of > Prophet is about violent Jihad, not inner Jihad. We got to understand > Islam is both religion and political with strict rules for everything in > life under the oppressive Sharia and extreme intolerance and violence > against infidels. We have to recognize the hate in Islam is facscism that > is no different from Nazi’ism. It is imperative that we educate ourselves > about Islamic scriptures and Islamic history. Our biggest enemy today are > not Jihadis but Jihadi enablers, the far left liberals and Saudi funded > university academicians. I have a suggestion, do not burn Koran, boycott > New York times and put them out of business by discouraging their > advertisers. The energies you spend in closing down Mosques, should be > directed to closing down CNN and its far left liberals such as Fareed > Zakaria and Christine Amanpour who are lying to American public about threat > of Islam. >///////////// > Thirdly, work with you school boards so that the school curriculum reflects > the true history of Islam and the threat it poses to free society like ours. > Demand that the universities do not accept funds from Saudi Arabia > unless it shows equal tolerance to other religions. > >///////////////// > > Fourthly, never trust any politician who says Islam is religion of > peace. Islam is submission. It is religion of submission. When Mr. Obama is saying > Islam is religion of peace, he is lying, just as he lied about his deep > Muslim roots to American electorate. It is important we show the door out > to any politician who is telling Americans such lies. > >///////////////// > Fifth, ask you congressmen and senators to institute laws to protect this > country from Sharia and Sharia practices. Make sure Muslim women are > protected under US constitution and not Sharia laws. We need to demand > laws against Islamic conversions in jails and Saudi funding of our institutions. > >/////////////// > > Sixth, every time a Muslim wants special privileges, understand it is a > conquest against you, your ways and your civilization. Like the story of > Arab and Camel, the Camel eventually drives out the Arab, mark our words > that we will be eventually wiped out if we give in. > >//////////////// > > Seventh, those who are immigrating to United States should be held > accountable if they are spreading Sharia through back door into our country > and they should commit to not to profess Sharia in order to obtain and > retain citizenship. We have to review our immigration policies with regards > to Islamic countries just as Europe is doing, although it is quite late. >///////////// > > > But one thing is more important than what all I said. For heaven sake, let > us stop our dependence on Oil. Who is paying for Jihad, for killing our > soliders, for destroying our civilization and building the grand Mosque as > symbol of conquest, which stealth Jihadi Imam Rauf is planning. I am sorry > to say, it is we who are paying by our dependence on Oil. If today, we > stop buying Oil, Saudi Arabia will go to camels. They have nothing to > speak of technology and advancement just as every Islamic country. We > need to get to alternate technology such as battery cars and alternate > fuels. Just like the Mahattan project that build atom bomb and helped US > win second world war, we need to create innovative projects to end out > dependence on oil. Let us not finance our own destruction. > >/////////////// > Let us be awake, alert and constantly vigilant to threat of Islam. This is > a great democracy, the greatest country on the earth. Let us preserve it > for generations after us. God bless America. 000000000