Date: 13 Sep 2010


NEHRU BETRAYED THE INDIAN ARMY A THIRD TIME IN 1962. SURPRISING HE WAS NOT SHOT DEAD. //////////////////// HE BETRAYED THE INDIAN ARMY WHEN HE ASKED THEM TO VACATE KARACHI, LAHORE, PESHAWAR AND EAST BENGAL INSTEAD OF ORDERING THEM TO DEFEND OUR TERRITORY TO THE LAST MAN AND LAST ROUND. I THOUGHT OF HIM AS A SON OF A "BITCH".////////////// NEHRU BETRAYED THE INDIAN ARMY WHEN HE ORDERED HIS ADVANCING TROOPS TO WITHDRAW TO CEASE FIRE LINE IN KASHMIR. I AGAIN THOUGHT HE WAS THE SON OF A "BITCH". ///////////////// NEHRU BETRAYED THE INDIAN ARMY A THIRD TIME BY KEEPING THEM ILL EQUIPPED, UNDER STAFFED AND ILL CLOTHED AND WITH OLD INFERIOR WEAPONRY OF WORLD WAR 2 VINTAGE, THUS SACRIFICING THEM IN THE NORTH EAST AND KASHMIR LIKE GUN FODDER. THIS TIME I CALLED HIM A "BLOODY BASTARD". //////////////// PLEASE SEE BELOW A PERSONAL "TRIBUTE" TO NEHRU BY ANOTHER CITIZEN OF INDIA. ////////////// ===================////// A SMALL RECOLLECTION.////////// "I was a small boy when the Chinese invaded India...the Chinese were less than 100 kms away from my town...we would get up at odd hours in the night to show the 'V' sign to the convoys of soldiers moving to the battle front...there was a complete chaos...people I asked my mother..if we too were going away to some mother said we had no place to go...and we would stand where we were...and if we died we would die where we were...I felt brave and encouraged...and continued to show the victory sign to martyrs of the 1962 debacle..we saw more soldiers..then by the fag end of the war...we saw some convoys of white skinned soldiers..probably Americans....from the 7th fleet ...Kennedy had sent (?)...war stopped.. Pandit died of a massive heart attack in 1964...the Chinese had betrayed his faith (?) in them...and the then Defence Minister..had turned out to be an IDIOT...NINCOMPOOP......IMBECILE... /////////////// Nehru's Panchsheel was laid to rest finally..later I got to see a few burnt mountains of Arunachal..the trenches dug out to fight the Chinese advance..I loved it when the Chinese were thrashed at Nathula by the Indian soldiers..though it was very brief.////////// ================================ 000000000