Date: 13 Sep 2010


Sep 13, 2010 //////////// I watched the Imam of New York being interviewed on CNN today (Sep 13, 2010). He looked resolute in creating a symbol of Islamic victory in America at the same spot, close to Ground Zero. ////////////// If, as he claims, the mosque will be a unifying factor, then anyone can see that already it has become an incendiary flash point between the Muslims and "The Rest". The Muslims do not seek peace and goodwill but confrontation. To them it is JEHAD. ////////// He was repeatedly trying to BLACKMAIL the Americans by saying, "Out there are one billion Muslims in so many Islamic countries where the repercussions of not being allowed to build the mosque here will be catastrophic for American lives and interests." ////////// We ought to ask him with equal resoluteness, "What about the catastrophic reaction among all the Christians if they are not allowed to build even ONE church anywhere in Saudi Arabia where Islam originated?" We must call his bluff. ////////// Let us not be blackmailed or fooled by this fundamentalist bigoted Imam. It is typical of the Muslims to scare the others of "dire consequences" that may not happen at all. //////////// Before India was BROKEN UP in 1947 the Muslim leaders were threatening bloody CIVIL WAR if their demand for the separate Islamic State was rejected. In hindsight one wishes that the HINDUS had confronted the "beasts" resolutely and beaten the Hell out of those trying to blackmail them. /////////// This mosque was NOT in anyone's mind when wars began in Irak and Afghanistan nor when the Americans were blown up in their hundreds in Beirut, Yemen and Somalia, or when innocent reporter Daniel Pearl was killed in Karachi. The Imam is issuing threats as part of psychological warfare. /////////// The Ground Zero mosque is being portrayed in a harmless inter faith manner today. But what will it be like in a year's time?//////////// In the world of Islam the hijackers are regarded heroes. First loyalty of EVERY Muslim is towards Mohammed, Koran and ISLAM but never to the country of domicile. That is how they could attack India and take out Pakistan. All the founders of Pakistan were born in India. They had sworn loyalty to her. But when the opportunity came they not only mutilated the country but also slaughtered millions of non Muslim FELLOW citizens. It shows clearly that the IMAM is not loyal to America but to his ISLAM. Americans should not be fooled. //////////// Before the mosque is completed they will talk of promoting inter faith harmony and peace. But after it is completed they will celebrate the hijackers as "martyrs in the cause of Islam." Their life size photos will hang on the walls. Floors, rooms and wings of the building will be named after them or the other invaders who conquered Spain, Bulgaria and Greece and even those who killed school children in Beslan. Islam means DECEPTION. Can we then take the Imam to court for breach of faith? //////////// We must also ask, "Why name it after "CORDOBA" in Spain but not after some local American legend? If they really mean inter faith harmony, then how about naming it "GANDHI INTER FAITH CENTER" or even "Henry David Thoreau Center of Inter-Faith Harmony"? /////////// Dear Americans, please do the decent patriotic thing and honour the noble Son of America who even influenced Mahatma Gandhi in India. //////////// To the Imam the issue of the mosque is political and ideological. It is part of a holy war. It is not to honour the memory of the VICTIMS but to celebrate the glory of the hijackers who "ascended to paradise" to enjoy the company of virgins. They had copies of Koran with them and "ALLAH HU AKBAR" on their lips. /////////////// Get ready for the bitter struggle ahead to oust the fundamentalist Jehadi ISLAM. NO Jehadi will ever be reasonable or yield an inch. To them it is crucial to win the FIRST battle on the soil of America. The mosque at Ground Zero will be sign of Victory of Islam and to all the Muslims on earth the sign of weakness of the non Muslims.////////////// It is core Muslim BELIEF that after degrading and converting super power United States of America there will be nothing left to stop them from conquering and converting the rest of the world. That is why to the Imam building this contentious mosque near Ground Zero is the question of life and death. 000000000