Date: 17 Sep 2010

Comment /////////////////// LET'S SEE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA/////////// America was doing very well. She reached the moon and was planning to land a man on Mars. She had contributed a lot in defeating NAZI Germany and restored sanity in war torn Europe. She was leading in science and technology, computers, movies and mobile communications. She was known as the richest and the most civilised country on earth, not only a super power. //////////// All that was needed to bring it all down in smoke and fire was a MONKEY WITH A MATCHSTICK. //////////// So, God sent in the MUSLIMS.//////////// ---------------- LET'S SEE PARTITIONED INDIA (BROKEN BHARAT):///////// It was 1946 and the British were packing to depart from their Indian colony. All were looking forward to independence and freedom and were about to start celebrations when the so-called "indigenous" Muslims struck. ////////// The country was broken up into three parts and within weeks TWO MILLION were slaughtered in "rivers of blood" and over 15 million were forced out of their homes. So much for the joys of the Indian people through ISLAM! //////////// Therefore, NONE knows the potential of the MUSLIMS anywhere better than the Indians who know that they (Muslims) will not rest till America resembles Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan where once upon a time we used to see the Christians and the other non Muslims. /////////Muslims are dragging America to the life style of the "camel economy" of Saudi Arabia that prevailed at the time of Mohammed. Colleges and Computers will be destroyed as the "work of devil". Cinemas, bars and theatres will be shut as the "work of infidel" and women will be put behind BURKA or stoned to death for speaking to a stranger. All the girls schools will be razed to ground.//////////// Abduction, seduction, rape and destruction will be the "way of life" and a man will be entitled to FOUR wives and TEN concubines simultaneously. Most popular role model for boys will be the suicide bomber. ///////// To read Namaz FIVE TIMES a day will be mandatory, so will be the "goatee" beard for men. Assassinations will be the order of the day. In the end the Americans will cry out, "O God, give us HITLER. He was ten times more civilised. He gave us people's car (Volkswagen), banned molestation of females and married only once!" /////////// 17 Sep 10 //////////// Strategy behind ground zero mosque, this video explains it all./////////// <A HREF="">//////// ></A>/////// 000000000