Date: 19 Sep 2010

Comment Eye opener! /////////////// A Muslim in PARTITIONED INDIA (where he should not even be seen!) is endowed and lavished with so much position, wealth, sarkari patronage, (Hajj) subsidies and political say as compared to the EXTINCT Hindu in Multan and the terrified SIKH in Srinagar. Every passing day the construction of the Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya is postponed by TEN YEARS. SIX HUNDRED YEARS HAVE ALREADY PASSED SINCE THE TEMPLE, IN THE MIDDLE OF HINDUSTHAN, WAS DESTROYED BY A MOHAMMEDAN PREDATOR. //////////// It has been OFFICIAL, though TOPSECRET, policy of "Dynasty, Congress and Foreign Finger" in Bharat since 1947 to appease, lift and raise Kafir-Killer "Mohammed" while insulting, clobbering & crushing the Hindus (and SIKHS as collateral damage). //////////////// A few HINDUS who have attained "enlightenment" on the subject are unable to bypass the thick wall of inertia laden timid Hindu LEADERS & national organisations (RSS, VHP, BJP and so on) to address the Hindu masses direct and ROUSE them into action./////////// The Hindus will not survive without REVOLUTION but a revolution in the defeated partitioned land of brainwashed pacifists, appeasers, "sadhus and sants" is the last thing that will happen while in the meantime we shall go on being clobbered, bashed, reduced, confused and eliminated. //////////////// Once we lived in Noakhali and Peshawar and we were safe and prosperous even in Sri Lanka, Uganda and Fiji. The Hindu nation regards all those disasters and calamities as "normal" occurrence - not worth the bother or mention. There is never the slightest thought of retaliation or the desire to HIT BACK. ///////////// The HINDU ROLL BACK in terms of territory and numbers started at the same moment (midnight 14/15 August 1947) when JL Nehru captured the chair of Prime Minister to the delight of MUSLIMS and the other FOREIGN FINGERS. /////////// Hindus ought to have designated 15 August as the DAY OF MOURNING./////////// We don't know where the buck stops and who will pick up the ball and set it rolling towards Mecca. ///////////// ========= 000000000