Date: 21 Sep 2010


ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION BUT AN AGGRESSIVE, CONFRONTATIONALIST, SEPARATIST, INSENSITIVE AND RUTHLESS IDEOLOGY. It is an IDEOLOGY.:////////// The problem is with the premise itself. Is Islam a religion? NO, it is not. It is a system of conquest, based on intense hatred and violence. It calls itself "religion" as a facade, to DECEIVE. /////////////// Islam is NOT a religion of compassion, forgiveness, tolerance and kindness. It is an aggressive, brutal and extremely intolerant, expansionist and separatist IDEOLOGY that manifests itself in conflict, strife, killing, inflicting injury and humiliation on the others. It's a MAN'S religion with women relegated to the back seat expected to HIDE their faces in burka. /////////// Ideology of Islam was the basis of breaking up the unity of ancient and civilized country called "India" in 1947 where, in the Muslim-majority areas, the non Muslims were exterminated IN THEIR MILLIONS in pools of blood with utmost savagery. /////////// While defining Islam as an IDEOLOGY, at the same time we need to say something on "WHAT IS A RELIGION?"////////// A religion is like the soothing calming balm for the soul of a person. Its central theme is LOVE, love of mankind without discrimination, love of nature and even of one's opponents, and unity and cooperation.///////// NOW WE NEED TO QUOTE EXAMPLES:////////// In Hindu religion the core is "SHANTI", or peace of soul and peace in the world. Hindu temples are open to all including women and children. The most popular phrase is AHIMSA PARMO DHARMA." ///////// A Sikh social worker, "Bhai Kanhiya, was giving water even to the wounded Turks in the battlefield because he saw them as human beings not as enemy." //////////// Christians cite Jesus as saying, "If someone slaps you offer him the other cheek." ///////////// Christianity has led to great welfare system of society and encouraged intellectual freedom and scientific inventions and great discoveries. There is nothing like this in ISLAM. //////////// Then we take up the question of WOMEN'S DIGNITY. Though even Mohammed was delivered as a baby by a women, let us see how barbaric his ISLAM proceeded AGAINST women. They are not allowed to enter mosques to pray along side their men folk. If in battle their men kill the non Muslims the women of the defeated are distributed among the Muslim soldiers. There is promise of virgins in heaven on KILLING the infidels. A Muslim can have up to FOUR wives. It shows NO sanctity of marriage. Such a license to divorce and marry so often thoroughly DEGRADES Muslim women. Muslim husbands are feared NOT loved. /////////// Rape and abduction have been universally practiced by MUSLIMS throughout CENTURIES. Just recall how they dishonored Hindu and Sikh girls so much so that some fathers actually KILLED THEIR OWN DAUGHTERS to save them from falling into Muslim hands. In some cases Hindu and Sikh women preferred DEATH to being seized by Mohammedans by jumping into deep wells. Every Muslim seemed a BEAST to the non Muslims. There are verses in Koran about confining women indoors, and there is the practice of STONING THEM TO DEATH and amputating limbs. //////////// Most Hindus converted to Islam during the Islamic rule in India when given the choice, "ISLAM OR DEATH?" How can Islam of such savagery and brutality be a "religion"? /////////////// We need to EXPLAIN these facts and truths boldly to the whole world so people can free themselves from the bogus and dangerous "political correctness" and FEAR in order to get Islam declared by UNO as an IDEOLOGY and not as a religion. 21 09.10 ========= 000000000