The “McCarthyism” Epithet

Date: 23 Sep 2010


The “McCarthyism” Epithet /////////// By Guy Rodgers //////// Executive Director ////////// Go to any playground in America and you’ll find children engaging in typical childish “conflict management.” They try to shout each other down. They call names, “you’re a poopy!” They put their hands over their ears and scream “I can’t hear you!” ///////////// And it’s exactly the kind of behavior we see regularly on display from the politically correct enablers of radical Islam. /////////// Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson has unveiled the latest, and predictable, name-calling tactic intended to put us in our place—we’re all supposedly engaging in “McCarthyism.” ////////// In a September 21st column, Robinson belittled Newt Gingrich for painting “Islam as the new Red Menace.” He dismissed any concern about a “stealthy insinuation of sharia into America’s legal system because no such thing is happening.” /////////// And the kicker: “The ‘stealth jihadis,’ I suppose, must be like the ‘known communists’ on the list in Sen. Joseph McCarthy's hand.” ///////// Robinson claims there is only one example of sharia here in America, the case of the New Jersey judge who ruled that a Muslim man committed no crime while beating and raping his wife, because he was acting consistent with his Islamic “practices.” /////////// Robinson’s arrogance is exceeded only by his ignorance. //////////// Sharia has penetrated our financial system, in the form of sharia-compliant financial instruments offered by the likes of Citi Group and AIG. In an example of government accommodating sharia, Minnesota offers sharia-compliant mortgages for Muslims. ///////////// Muslim prison employees, law enforcement officials, and even a Disneyland employee, have sued for the right to wear the hijab as part of their uniforms. ////////// Muslim parents in New Jersey are demanding private prayer rooms for their children in the PUBLIC elementary schools. /////////// According to a National Public Radio report in 2007, as many as 100,000 Muslims are living in polygamous marriages here in America. /////////// Harvard provided women-only gym hours to accommodate the demands of Muslims. /////////// Of course, I could go on and on. /////////// The Ground Zero Mosque imam was touted by politically correct elites as a paragon of interfaith tolerance. Now America knows Imam Rauf believes any government that does not practice sharia law is “unjust.” Twenty years ago, those in the UK who spoke out against the coming of sharia were also ridiculed. Today there are some 85 sharia courts in the UK. /////////// The playground antics of enablers like Robinson, who insist on calling names, conjuring up the demon of McCarthyism, and engaging in a foolish “see no sharia, hear no sharia, speak no sharia” will not change these facts nor diminish the threat. ////////// But every time they launch into their sanctimonious condemnations of anyone who dares to expose the threat of stealth jihad, Islamists laugh at them behind their backs for being such dupes. //////////// 000000000