Date: 24 Sep 2010


THE WORLD SHOULD ASK TUKEY TOWITHDRAW FROM CYPRUS AND WARN MOHAMMED TO WITHDRAW FROM EAST BENGAL AND WEST PUNJAB IMMEDIATELY.////////// ============== The BETRAYAL of ISRAEL///////// SARAH PALIN on Israel://///////// Q: How would you solve Israel/Palestinian conflict? PALIN: A two-state solution is the solution. That needs to be done, and that will be a top agenda item under a McCain-Palin administration. Israel is our strongest and best ally in the Middle East. Source: 2008 Vice Presidential debate against Joe Biden Oct 2, 2008 ////////// Like Madrid, Philippines, Beslan, London, New York, Kashmir, India, Sudan, Thailand; tiny Israel is the victim of global jihad. But only in Israel's case, is surrender to global jihad demanded by the elites - a two-state solution. Murders; pogroms; genocides. Deportations. The stealing of Jewish land and assets is the way Jews have always been treated. Abbas's PLO/Palestinian Authority teach Muslims that ALL Israel belongs to Islam.//////// PLO/PA "peace" partners greatly honor Muslim terrorist killers of Jewish innocents, including pregnant Jewish mothers and children. The U.S. continually give advanced military training to the PLO/PA army. One of the U.S. trained terrorists told journalist, Aaron Klein, that all of the American military training was used against Israel. ////////// Financed by the US/EU/UK and other nations, it took the global village to raise these terrorists. They fill their war chests and laugh all the way to the bank with infidel money. ////////// The wicked betrayal of Israel must stop. No more land for war! Not one inch. The wicked two-state solution will be a massive defeat for Israel and the entire Free World and a massive victory for global jihad. Where are the strong leaders to stand up for Israel, America and the Free World? //////// Appeasement and surrender was unthinkable to Winston Churchill, England's prime minister during the Second World War. Churchill said: We will fight in the hills, we will fight in the streets, but we will never surrender. Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be, for without victory there is no survival. ////////// Israel must never be surrendered to global jihad. /////////// Linda Rivera/////////// 000000000