Date: 24 Sep 2010


WHY THE HINDUS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO BUILD THE TEMPLE IN AYODHYA. //////////// we ought to understand the mental make up of a Musalmaan. The reason is that we have to deal with them, not some equally scholarly refined peace-loving intellectual enemy. ///////// A Musalmaan is incapable of arguing or reasoning with cool and level head. If anyone reads or recites the KORAN for a year, he too, will be converted to ideology of Jehad and "death and destruction" to the Hindus. ////// On the other hand if anyone joined the company of sadhus, sants and holy men, he will emerge as a gentle, peace loving, "lamb" within three months who will prefer ten thousand times to be KILLED rather than give a blow in retaliation. How the Sikhs are proud of their martyrs! ///////// In the middle of history's worst ever BLOODSHED during 1947 our "ahimsa-loving" Mahatma (Bapu) Gandhi was chanting, "Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai!" /////////// A Musalmaan's STRONG point thus perfectly complements a Hindu's WEAK POINT. The two make an ideal match. "Provoke, advance and GRAB!" of one is matched by "Compromise, appease, retreat and TYAAG" (Renounce!) of the other. /////////// Hence the learned Hindu promptly embraced their KILLER "wolves and tigers" like brothers even at Partition (mutilation of Mother India). Not one of our "netas" (leaders) could bring the word "enemy" to his lips. ////////// While the Hindu uses pen the Musalmaan uses KNIFE, GUN, BOMB and SUICIDE jacket. ////////// That is the fundamental reason why the Hindus WILL GO ON LOSING and the Musalmaan will go on capturing more and more of our LAND, PROPERTY AND WOMEN. ////////// If we notice the uninterrupted trend for the last one thousand years then it is time to accept defeat or run away from "burning Bharat" instead of losing life and limb here and there, in twos, tens and twenties, even hundreds and thousands, continuously with the regularity of the rising and setting sun. When did a Hindu explode a bomb in Islamabad or burn to death all the passengers on a train near Multan, or attack Marriott Hotel in Rawalpindi? /////////// LAHORE is with the SAVAGES while our pseudo-secular Delhi in subservient "appeasement mode" is, for the time being, under the sway of Italian born Sonia Maino who would rather die than embrace our native religion. /////////// DELHI was NOT with the Hindus from 1192 till 1857 AD. Only due to BRAVE BRITISH intervention the savage (Kafir killer) Musalmaan was kept at bay- NOT due to HINDU SHAKTI. That means the Hindus are LOSING GROUND gradually and imperceptibly all the time. A point is approaching when the DAGGER AND GUN will prevail unless..................(Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singh had the answer. We ought to KNOW, recall, tell all, and IMPLEMENT.) ////////////// The most VISIBLE proof of this rapid weakening of the Hindus is our EXTINCTION in Pakistan, our plight in Srinagar and West Bengal, and vulnerability in Kerala. //////////// Do we see the FIRES approaching DELHI? ////////// We wish we could throw logic and reason to put them out. //////////// 24 Sep 10//////// ================== 000000000