Date: 26 Sep 2010


DISCUSSION ON DONKEY LOAD "KASHMIR", THAT THE HINDU COOLIE MUST CARRY IN HINDUSTHAN. ///////////// AFTER HER DEVASTATING BLOODY PARTITION GUTLESS INDIA COULD NOT THROW OUT THE TREACHEROUS MUSLIM ENEMY. NOW THEY HAVE BECOME THE PREFERRED & PRIVILEGED MINORITY. /////////// NB: NAMES HAVE BEEN DELETED OR SUBSTITUTED BY XXXXXXXXXXX////////// ====================///////// XXXXXXXX: The money for the Hajj subsidy comes out of the government (national) exchequer. In the final analysis who benefits from the so called Hajj subsidy, the Hajjis or the national carrier Air India is a moot point. Regarding whose pocket gets affected by any subsidy whether religious or loss making undertaking, the simple answer is the tax payer.of India. What proportion of the money is attributed to the Hindu tax payer is a political question. /////////// There is an unimplemented Allahabad High Court judgement declaring it unconstitutional. and I believe it is only a matter of time before it is stopped completely. No govt. subsidy for any kind of pilgrimage whether it is Hajj or Mansarover Yatra should come out of the national exchequer. The safety and security of the Hajjis/Yatris remains the responsibility of the govt and I do not think that any expense on that score should worry the tax payer too much. ////////// What tax payers money is spent on Muslim buildings, their Madrasas, Mosques, both historic and modern,and their other monuments is a very wide subject and we shall have to look at it more closely. ////////// XXXXXXX> Sunday, 26 September, 2010//////////// Subject: Re: Jammu & Kashmir/////////// As regards the donation of Rs, five lacks of the then Saurashtra government and the cost incurred by the government on repairs of mosques you may get the information from the government records if you are particular to know its authenticity. As regards the Muslims remaining poors in spite of pampering and appeasement, it does not mean that there was or is only lip services. Government at present spend more than RS. 200 crores on their Haj pilgrimage. But in any case the matter came up because you wanted to know how it is at the cost of Hindus and I asked you at whose cost it will be if not Hindus. I am yet to receive your reply. /////////// XXXXXXXXXX That is what I suspected. This peace of information has appeared a lot on this forum.without muchproof ofauthenticity. //////////// We all know they have been pampered and appeased for their vote bank by the secular political outfits. Lately, however, the BJP has also developed the tendency to do the same. but in spite of all the pampering and appeasement they still remain a poor and backward lot. So what they really got is a lot of lip service without anything much of substance >/////////// XXXXXXXX/ ////////// Subject: Jammu & Kashmir///////// Chapter and verse of which book you are speaking of? I have not referred to any book or verse. Moreover the informations I got is in this forum itself. Moreover the question was at whose costs they are being pampered and appeased if not at the cost of Hindus which has still remained unanswered. >//////////// XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX It is a no win situation for the government. If Air India losses itsex India monopoly, it will lose the lucrative Hajj business to other cheaper carriers andwill then look to the government to make good its losses. This way they are killing two birds with one stone. /////////// Please forgive my ignorance but can you quote chapter and verse regarding the renewal and renovations of the Delhi Mosques in 1947-48 from public funds and objection to one time donation for Somnath temple by J.L.Nehru.XXXXXX /////////// XXXXXXXXFromXXXXXXXX Even though Haj subsidy is available only to those who travel by the national carrier, all the same it is a loss to the government or government incurs cost for the same. Moreover J. Nehru had ordered renewals and renovations of all the Delhi mosques in 1947-48 while objecting to one time donation by the then Saurashtra government to build Somanatha temple. At whose cost did he order it? XXXXXX /////////// The Hajj subsidy, albeit an emotional issue for the Hindus, is the biggest farceand the Muslims, whose religion forbids it.anyway should show some self respect and refuse.it. The Hajj subsidy is only avaialable to those Hajjis who travel by the national carrier Air India and its affiliates. Air India charges much more thanother aircarriers do. Soin practise the GOI takes out the money fromits ownpockets andputs it in the coffers of the Air India We vcall it Hajj subsidy. ///////////// From: XXXXXXXX Then at whose costs are they being pampered and appeased such as by giving Haj subsidy? XXXXXXXX ////////////// How is it done at the cost of the Hindus ? XXXXXXXXXXX//////////// No, we, the Hindus never think that the politicians love them. We know that their love is for votes; but they are doing that at the cost of Hindus. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX///////// They are orthodox, backward, poor and with a medieval mind-set,and consider all that as Allah's will. Politicians use them for their votes to win elections. We Hindus think they love them. //////////// XXXXXXXX No doubt Muslims have all the needs of other human beings parhaps even more. But the time has come to test it. Unfortunately our politicians on the other hand pamper and appease them making them apear and behave more orthodox.////////// XXXXXXXX That is just a facade. Muslims have all the needs of other human beings. but with convoluted sense of priorities . XXXXXXXXXXXX///////////// XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Mon, 20 Sep 2010 This is what has been fed into the Kashmiri youthby the relentless propaganda of the Pakistani establishment as well as the pro Pakistani Kashmiri agents. Compared to that India's propaganda machinery is virtually non existent,.yet all their bread and butter is provided by India and by the Indian tourism. We are too busy sorting out our other problems while Pakistan is taking advantage of our lack of empathy for the Kashmiris. Their contiguity with Pakistan does not help matters either.///////////// We have always known the fact that being a Muslim majority state, it can become troublesome for us. So we should have made conscious effolrt as far as possible , to bring them into the mainstream of our polity and well as at sociallevel. It is no surprise that majority of Kashmiri Muslims listen to Pakistan radio and watch Pakistan Tv and rarely ever switch on any Indian channel. So whatcan you expect if your own people are looking across the border for inspiration. It is an amazing fact that they do not identify with the Indian Muslims..Syed Ali Shah Geelani has severed all relationship with the Jamait-e- Islami of India.and the Hurriyat has its functioning counter-part in the so called Azad Kashmir. XXXXXXXXXX/////////// XXXXXXXXXXXX Jammu Kashmir /////////// The difficulty with Kashmiri Muslims is that they steel feel that they are not part of India.The government should make it very clear to them that the Kashmir is a part of India and tnat the accession of Kashmir to India cannot be revoked neither it can be a subject of discussion. //////////// XXXXXXXXXXXXXi think the time has come to do some plain speaking on the question of the future of the erstwhile state of Jammu Kashmir. First of all, it is unfortunate that some misguided Muslim Kashmiri youth have resorted to stone pelting against the forces that are there primarily to protect them from the so called "Mehman Mujahids".and nearly a hundred of them have lost their lives for an unrealistic dream of "Azadi" which dream may never be realised. The reason for this is simple. It is a well known belief that some of the Muslim Kashmiris want to turn, if not the whole of the state, at least the Valley into an Islamic Caliphate. To fulfiil this dream they embarked on some kind of ethnic cleansing some twenty years back and the process is still continuing. The international community has learnt from their bitter experience in both Afghanistan and Pakistan and, therefore,they do not want the Kashmiris to go the same way as these two Islamic nations. . So it is considered in the best interest of the world,as well as the Kashmiris if Kashmir does not join hands with Pakistan and Afghanistan and become another Malakat-e-Khudadad. So sooner the Kashmiris Muslims abandon their dream the better it would be for them. They can then seriously make efforts to re-claim the areas whicharepresently under the illegal control of Pakistan and bring them under a democraticsystem of governance. As for as their relationship with India goes, it is apart of India,and it is unlikely thatthis status wouldchange. It then remains the duty of the state of India to sit down with the Kashmiris of all hues and come to some sort of working arrangement with them to avoid any further bloodshed.and the sooner it is done the better it would be for all concerned.The process is already under way.///////////// XXXXXXXXXXXX 000000000