Date: 26 Sep 2010


Subj: " CORDOBA HOUSE " mosque, near ground zero, in New York /////////////// 1. " Cordoba House " mosque symbolizes the victory of Moslem invaders, over Christian Spaniards. These Moslem invaders had converted the Spanish Christian church into, the third largest mosque in the world. Islam carries out this sort of conversion/usurpation, as a matter of course, as an inevitable result. Islam regards this inevitable-result as a logical outcome of victory of Allah's religion ( Islam ) over Kafir ( Non-Moslem Infidel ) religions of the world. Islam's hatred of all other faiths, and destruction of all Kafir shrines, is its fundamental tenet. To annihilate Kafirs, and destroy their places of worship, is Islam's Jehad or Holy War against Kafirs. These Islamic tenets are being propagated continuously by Moslems. Islam is out to grab Kafir lands & property by any means whatsoever. Islam is determined to carry out its mission of Kafir-Annihilation, to the bitter end. ///////// 2. The phoney-liberal politicians of USA ( and of elsewhere ) do not grasp this make-up of Islamic mind at all. They have no understanding of Islam at all. They earn the distinction of Ignorance. They are suffering from some kind of cognitive disorder, and are representing " Cordoba House " mosque, near ground zero, as a gesture of peace & interfaith dialogue. What non-sense ? This nonsense must be exposed. ///////// Cordoba-House mosque is not a symbol of interfaith peace or dialogue, it is a symbol of Islamic war against the USA. 3. For any self-respecting Kafir, it is a hard-hell to swallow the kind of non-sense explanation, that is being put out by the phoney-liberal politicians. What the phoney-liberals ought to be asking is this: //////////// Is it the New-Face Of USA or an Islamic-Slap in the Existing-Face of USA ? 000000000