Date: 26 Sep 2010


VERDICT BY COURT //////// Taking the Hindus to court is like inflicting the ultimate INSULT on the Hindu nation and if we are seen to comply with this offesive, illegal and ridiculous order then we provide the ENEMIES with cause to celebrate and even laugh at our weakness. It is the vicious ENEMY who took away Lahore without going to any court. ///////// The issue has nothing to do with the man-made "sarkari" courts where even MOHAMMEDANS are sitting as judges. How is it that while MOHAMMED OF MECCA is above the law in PARTITIONED India our own Sri Ram is subjected to all the laws enacted by Godless political Party? /////////// How is it that the Janmasthan of Guru Nanak Dev ji went straight under the provocative obscene and offensive flag of Mohammed of Arabia? We should have gove to some COURT in 1947 to get it freed from that slavery. We "slept" and the enemy has got bigger. /////////// What is needed now is the SHOW OF FORCE. Sadly Hindus do not have the conviction to gather as MILLION STRONG like the million man march threatened by Malcolm X in New York some years ago. /////////// Hindus need to take TWO actions that seem impossible given our collapse in Bharat. ///////// First is to CUT OUT foreign fingers like Sonia and all the MOHAMMEDANS. The latter were given Pakistan to simply "vanish" from Hindusthan. ///////// Second to give a rousing call to the Hindu masses in the name of Sri Ram and all go to Ayodhya in STRENGTH. /////////// But where do we stand in POWER RATIO if we cannot even ensure the safety of Hindus in Srinagar? ////////// 000000000