Date: 26 Sep 2010


BOISTEROUS PROTEST DEMONSTRATION BY OFBJP AT INDIAN CONSULATE IN NEW YORK ///////////// Narain Kataria in New York//////// A strong crowd of approximately 200 members and supporters of Overseas Friends of BJP (“OFBJP”) staged a noisy protest near Indian Consulate in New York to express their repugnance and aversion against the harassment of Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat on September 26. The protesters came in buses from New Jersey and surrounding areas. //////////// The demonstrators carried playcards saying “Stop Harassing Narendra Modi”, Stop Misuse of CBI”, “CBI is Congress Bureau of intimidation and investigation” and many others. /////////// Dr. Vijay Laxmi, Vice President of Andhara Pradesh BJP appreciated the spirit and courage of OFBJP members and congratulated them for caring about their puniya-bhoomi - Bharat. ////////// Addressing the crowd, Dr. Vijay Laxmi deplored the tendency of Indian rulers who have no respect and regard for India’s glorious culture, history and traditions. “Congress government is jealous of Narendra Modi’s popularity. It is using CBI to malign him and tarnish his image in the eyes of public”, proclaimed Dr. Laxmi./////// Narain Kataria, one of the organizer/supporter of the protest said: “It is a matter of great disgrace that UPA Governent headed by Sonia Gandhi is fabricating false charges against Narendra Modi in an insidious attempt to defame and denigrate him, and destroy his credibility. //////////// Substantiating his argument Kataria said that Rajkot Police Commissioner Geeta Johri in her curative petition in the Supreme Court has alleged that ever since the CBI began its probe in the Sohrabuddin encounter case it had been exercising pressure on certain Gujarat police officers, including her, to either implicate certain political personalities in Sohraddin case or stand charged as an accused in the killing of Sohrabuddin. Kataria further said that O.P. Mathur, who was the Chief of State CID (Crime) at that time has also complained to the Home Ministry that CBI is putting pressure on him to depose against certain police officials. O.P. Mathur is now apprehensive of his arrest by CBI because he has declined to succumb to pressure. To prove his point further, Kataria said that it is reported in the media that even the key witness in Soharbddin Sheikh case, Azam Khan is also reported to have staged his own shootout! /////////// After the protest was over, a memorandum signed by Dr. Rajesh Shukla, Dr. Sudhakar Reddy, Dr. C. B. Singh, Mohinder Singh Gulati, Narain Kataria and Bhavesh Dave, was submitted to the Indian Consulate. (copy enclosed) ///////// ------------------------------ //////// OVERSEAS FRIENDS OF BJP (USA)///////// ///// The President of India///////// Rashtrapati Bhawan ////////// New Delhi///////// //////// Sub: Misuse of CBI by UPA Government ///////// Madam President, ///////// We overseas friends of BJP in USA, respectfully submit this memorandum to you about misusing of CBI by UPA government against Shri Narendra Modi, chief minister of Gujarat. We want to bring to your notice that CBI is selectively used by UPA government against its political opponents. We believe that CBI should not be politicized and must not work as Congress Bureau of Investigation. ///////// BJP government under leadership of Shri Narendra Modi is doing great work under every development index. The prestigious magazine India Today has consistently ranked Shri Modi as the best chief minster in its annual rankings since several years in a row. The misuse of CBI is also highlighted by Mrs. Gita Johri (IPS) officer. She told news media in India that investigating officer of CBI is pressurizing her to give statement against Shri Modi. The arrest of Shri Amit Shah ex minster of state of home affairs should be seen in this light. /////////// The popularity of Narendra Modi is regularly demonstrated in every election including, parliamentary, assembly and local bodies. In a recently concluded by election of state assembly, BJP won handsomely in a seat Which Congress won all the time. The popularity of Shri Modi is increasing day by day. He has nation wide popularity. We suspect that intention of UPA government is malicious and wants to defame Shri Modi. /////////// We request you to kindly instruct UPA government to allow CBI to work independently without any political interference.////////// Regards. //////// Sep. 26th 2010. ///////// Sincerely yours ///// Dr. Rajesh Shukla /////////// Dr. Sudhakar Reddy //////////// Dr. C. B. Singh ///////// M.S. Gulati ///////// Narain Kataria ///////// Bhavesh Dave /////////// ================ 000000000