Date: 28 Sep 2010


A deadly example of the wrack & ruin of Hateful-Kafirs, brought about by the soldiers of Allah for over a thousand years, can be found n in the country of India. This Islamic Havoc fits Islam's deadly ideology to a T, because no leniency was shown to the Kafir-Hindu. Islam cannot stomach any leniency, softness, or moderation towards Kafirs, whom it finds foul & obnoxious, meriting only eradication & erasure from this planet. All earthly land is Allah's land, and belongs to Allah's followers, there is no place of residence for any Kafir, any where on this planet. Kafirs are in illegal possession of land, every where on this earth, they must be dislodged & eliminated. ////////// 4. Islam really went to town against Kafir-Hindu, to evict him from his Bharat Varsha, conducted untold amount of savagery, against Hindu society, plundered Hindu wealth, pulverised Hindu shrines, and poured undisguised contempt on the Hindu. The magnitude of centuries of Islamic barbarism against the Hindu, defies description. To add insult to injury, after assaulting, brutalizing, and disgracing the Hindu for more than a thousand years, in 1947 Islam walked away with precious parts of Bharat Varsha. /////////// 5. Islam is the architect of barbarism, and Quran is its prime mover. It needs to be discerned, however, that, Islam is an equal-opportunity barbarism. Whether the Kafir is a Jew or a Christian, or an idolatrous Hindu, makes no difference to a soldier of Allah, a Kafir is a Kafir, All Kafirs are enemies of Allah, and must be speedily dispatched to hell. Never & no where in the entire history of Islam, has any Kafir ever been tolerated. ////////// In our own times, Moslems are having a go at, speedily disposing of Kafirs. Islam;s greatest wish is to quickly bump off all enemies of Allah, from every place on this earth. They are assisted in this depraved effort by the phoney-liberal politicians, of the West as well as of the East. ////////// 6. Terrifying-tides of Islamic inhumanity are swelling in & around Bharat Varsha, while the suffering Hindu watches & waits. But waiting is a chancy tactic. Islam & its gang of savage holy-warriors, are not about to undergo behavior change. Things are not going to get any better for the Hindu, while the Hindu spends better part of the day, hoping for a change for the better. How much shame & degradation can the Hindu take ? Where is the limit ? How much more Islamic humiliation has the Kafir-Hindu to suffer, before he becomes angry enough & determined enough, to crush the Uncivilized-Sulla, in the Hindu's homeland ? //////////// Surinder Paul Attri 000000000