Date: 03 Oct 2010


Muslim leadership has failed the the Muslim masses miserably all over the world, and in India especially. In USof A, look at the way they have made a parody of themselves, first by announcing their intent about making a mosque on ground zero, and then failing to garner sufficient funds to do so? In India, there is a total bankruptcy of Muslim leadership; yes there are 'pied pipers' like Paswan and Mulayam, but remember, the fabled Pied piper led the rats to peril! //////////////// The absence of true leadership amongst Muslims has led them into cesspools of disinformation. Hardly any Muslim will agree to the fact that NO mosque has any significance in Islam, except the Mecca and the Al Aqsa in Jeruslam. In Saudi Arabia itself, mosques have been regularly relocated for even widening roads! Recently Saudi Arabia ran a bulldozer over the graves of the compatriots of Pf. Mohammad, to build some public utility complex. This also means that no graveyard, or say Mazar/ Mausoleum has any sanction or importance, as far as the Quran and hadith are concerned! In the light of the above the Ayodhya issue itself should have been punctured out by stating the facts at the very onset. We have wasted reams of paper, aeon's of times, and hundreds of lives on the issue that could have been handled well by presenting facts, and not enraging false emotions about a not-significant-to Islam structure, just to clock political miles!! //////////////// Muslims have no relation with the 1/3rd portion of the Ayodhya land..what is their claim? None of their prophet or any body had any connection with Ayodhya? Yes if Indian Muslims are so fond of Ayodhya land...let them accept Ram as their Imam... Allama Iqbal did suggest once, before the truncation of India, that Ram was Imam-e-Hind. So let Ram be an Imam of all Muslims of pre-truncated India....They will then have some legitimacy attached to this claim born out of this judgement! /////////////// 000000000