Date: 03 Oct 2010


It is IMMATERIAL what the Hindus believe. Hindus are NO factor in politics of Partitioned India. ////////////// We are really supposed to learn some lesson from our RECENT past, i.e., PARTITION. ////////////////// We cannot delete the word PARTITION from our vocabulary just because the main CRIMINAL/TRAITOR Jawaharlal Nehru and his DYNASTY & Party wanted us to do so. //////////////// PARTITION is still relevant today in order to show us that what the Hindus then believed in was MEANINGLESS. Why?///////////// Because the Hindus were perceived to be COWARDS, a perennially conceding and retreating people. Furthermore they were seen DISUNITED and not carrying any "KIRPANS, guns or WEAPONS, nor even daggers. No Hindu ever asserted his RIGHT to carry a gun in Bharat just as the AMERICANS do in THEIR land. ////////////////// The Muslims were prepared to risk life and limb to overcome any superficial tiny Hindu opposition to their preposterous demand for a SEPARATE ISLAMIC State on the territory of India. ////////////// The Muslims TODAY know one thing: The Hindus have not learnt any lesson and they are NO BETTER. They are the SAME today as 63 years ago, arguing, squabbling lot. ///////////// So THEIR conclusion: Bully them, beat them, threaten them, push them, force them to go to COURT and make them bend, kneel and heel, till in the end they themselves suggest compromising MUSLIM-PLEASING solutions, e.g., ////////////// "Happily accept two parts of Sri Rama Temple territory and GIVE ONE PART TO THE MUSLIMS." /////////// Or, "Leave the exact Birthplace of Sri Rama and build the Temple somewhere else." /////////// Or better still, "Help the Muslims build their mosque there and go and do namaz there ourselves. After all BAPU GANDHI told us Allah Ishwar tero Naam!" ////////// NO! Enough is enough. We ought to be BRAVE. Our mothers were brave. They never advised us to compromise with the ENEMY. They never agreed to the unconditional surrender LAHORE and MULTAN to blacken our faces. They believed in "AKHAND BAHRAT". Didn't they? ///////// We must start from "PARTITION" when friend and FOE were seen separately and clearly, before Nehru and his Congress Party threw DUST in our eyes to blur our vision, and ask each and every Muslim seen in Broken Bharat. "We conceded ONE THIRD OF INDIA to you. So 'WHAT THE HELL' are YOU doing here, Mr Mohammed?" We do NOT need anyone's permission to challenge the Muslim. Each HINDU is the custodian of Hindusthan's holy shrines and territory just like the Arabs are the custodians of Islam's holy places and Arab territory so much so that a HINDU is not granted permission to enter Mecca or build a temple in Arabia. ///////////// Our AYODHYA is exactly the same in sanctity what MECCA is to the Muslims if not ten times more sacred, decent and noble. ///////////// We can also copy the enemy and declare with ONE voice, "If we give you one yard in Ayodhya, you will have to give us FIVE YARDS in Mecca." //////////// Watch the mischievous Muslims get the shock of their life to see a Hindu that EQUALS a Mohammedan. Even THIS would be our collapse since Guru Gobind Singh ji's SINGLE follower had the SPIRIT to overwhelm 125,000 of THEM. ///////////// 3 October 10////////// **Sri Rama's birthplace does not need any "protection" from any Constitution. It needs the protection of HINDU SWORD, GUND AND TRISHUL. Which "Court" did MOHAMMED ALI JINNAH go to, to get his Pakistan and slaughter two million Hindus in ONE year? 000000000