Date: 03 Oct 2010


ISLAM IS AN IMPOSITION//////////////// --------------------------------------- 1. Without question, Islam is an imposition on the entire Kafir ( Non-Moslem Infidel ) world. But Islam is also a Wacko, a show-case of death. Its leader Hazrat Mohammad, a Bedouin-Goonda, was a pitiless-butcher. His believers have been sabre-rattling for 1400 years, murdering hundreds of millions of innocent-Kafirs,who refused to accept Islam. This refusal is a high-crime in Islam. LIke Adolf Hitler, Islam prefers peaceful-victories and ardently desires that Kafirs peacefully convert to Islam, but does not hesitate to employ violence, if war is foisted upon it, by Kafir's refusal to accept Islam. This war is Islam's Jehad ( holy war against Kafirs ). labelled by Allah as lawful & good. Allah offers Janat ( Moslem's paradise ), as a reward for Jehad. Because of Islam's preference for peaceful conversion to Islam, Islam passionately believes that it is the religion of peace.////////////// 2. Because of Islam's calamitous terror & barbarism, to preserve his religious & cultural identity, Hindu must be prepared to fight Islam, and defy death, in defense of his culture & dharma. To do this, Hindu must cope with his own situation, which is Not particularly good, in fact it is pretty damn-bad. The entire Hindu society of India, is in the grip of phoney-liberal politicians, who are taking the Hindu to the cleaners, while the Hindu engages in a long drawn-out struggle against Islamic imperialism in India. ///////////// 3. The basic assumption of phoney-liberalism is secularism/multiculturism, as well as Hindu-Muslim unity, as the governing principle of Indian society. Those who propagate this principle, are totally ignorant of the real nature of Islam, or about the behavior pattern of followers of Islam, towards those whom they denounce as Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ). Idea of Hindu-Muslim unity is not new. It was attempted before the partition, and ever since then. In fact for 1200 years, we have been seeking to achieve Hindu-Muslim unity, with totally calamitous results. All such attempts have made Hindu-Muslim unity, dependent on the mercy of Muslims, and to the Muslims, Hindus are their " enemy number one. " As a consequence, Hindus are finding it more difficult to co-exist in peace with Moslems, whose aim is the destruction of Kafir-Hindu. And the Hindu-Muslim unity remains as elusive as ever before. /////////////// 4. The attempt at Hindu-Muslim unity has always met with disastrous results, it has always been an endless chase for water, in the sandy deserts of Arabia or elsewhere. It is about time, that we stop chasing this absurd concept of Hindu-Muslim unity. Moslems claim that Islam believes in the universal brotherhood of mankind. Islam does not believe in any such universal brotherhood. Islam divides mankind into two enemy camps viz Moslems who are Allah's party & the Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) who are the party of Shaitaan ( Satan's Party ). Moslems are the privileged children of Allah, and entitled to all his blessings. Kafirs are not Allah's children, they are a wretched lot in this world, and doomed to be thrown into hell fire after death. Thus Islam is Not for unity, but is for disunity.////////////// 5. Allah commands Moslems not to befriend followers of any other religion. He directs Moslems to make war agaisnt all Kafirs, be they be Christians, Jews, Hindus, or any other Kafir group, and this war is to continue till doom's day. But the phoney-liberal politicians of India ( and of elsewhere as well ) ignore all this Kafir hatred of Islam, and practise toleration & non-discrimination, in a queer way. They also practise what is known as vote-bank politics. To get Islamic votes, they put less-skilled Moslem ( belonging to minority community ) workers ahead of more-skilled Hindu ( belonging to majority community ) workers. This approach of unsound economics, must eventually attenuate the economic growth of India. The phoney-liberal politicians justify this foolish economic approach by stating:////////////// " We must not discriminate against the beliefs & culture of Muslim minority. " They are quite comfortable punishing the majority Hindu, while trying to protect the minority Muslim community. All this fiddle-faddle is being done in the name of Hindu-Muslim unity, which in fact is a giant fraud against the Hindu. /////////////// 6. Every secular politician in India is expected to follow this principle. It is called the principle of political correctness. Thus though the Moslems have plenty of compulsive aggression & anti-Kafir profanity, they are not alone in their game. They have friends in the phoney-liberal bunch of India.Thus Islam's Imposition & Imperialism is being emboldened, they are walking away with precious parts of Hindu's wealth, consolidating their aggression. Wherever in India, the Moslems are in majority, the life of the Kafir-Hindu is horribly-miserable like hell. Islam regards these brutal acts as acts of piety, for letting the Kafir-Hindu live, and fully justifying calling Islam the religion of peace.///////////// 000000000