Date: 04 Oct 2010


GOOD NEWS. ISLAM IS DYING.////////////// A POWERFUL DOUBLE BARRELED GUN IS BEING RAPIDLY FIRED AT THE AUTOCRATIC MOHAMMED OF MECCA OF SO MANY WIVES & CONCUBINES. ONE BARREL IS THE SPREAD OF KNOWLEDGE, THE OTHER IS THE AGE OF COMPUTER. //////////// AT LAST THE BALLOON OF CRUDE AND MACHO ISLAMIC POWER IS BURSTING. NON MUSLIMS. INFIDELS AND WOMEN CAN HEAVE A SIGH OF GREAT RELIEF.//////////// ISLAM IS DYING A RAPID DEATH IN BRAVE CHRISTIAN LANDS WHILE THRIVING IN COWARDLY HINDUSTHAN THAT IS SLEEP WALKING TOWARDS ANOTHER MILLENNIUM OF SLAVERY. ///////////////// A few interesting fact for all of us: ////////////// In Africa thousands of Muslims are converting into Christianity every hour. In Sudan alone, more than one million Muslims have converted since 2000, and five million have become Christians since 1990. if conversion at this rate continues, Africa is heading to be the next Christian continent within a few decades. //////////// /////////// In Russia, 2 millions ethnic Muslims have converted into Christianity since 2000. /////////// //////////// In Britain, 200,000 British Muslims have lost their faith (15% of total Muslim population in Britain) in one decade (till 2007). ///////////// /////////// In Iran, more than 1 million Muslims have converted into Christianity in the last five years (Data till 2008). in the current rate of conversion, Iran is heading to be the first Christian nation in the middle east. ////////////[KAUaAf6ae60].cfm //////////// Besides their homeland, many Iranians are becoming Christians every month and are being baptized throughout Europe. ///////////// /////////// There are only 17 Christians from Islam in Afghanistan on 2001. Today, there are more 50,000 Afghan Christians in the country. Dozens of conversion are being held every week. /////////// /////////// there were no Muslim converts to Christ in Uzbekistan in 1990. in 2008, there were more than 30,000 Christians in the country. 1990, there were only 3 Christians in Kazakhstan. in 2008, there were more than 15,000 Christians in Kazakhstan. /////////// ////////// In France, around 15,000 Muslim immigrants are converting to Christianity every year. /////////// /////////// Thousands of Iraqi Muslims have converted into Christianity into Christianity since the 2nd gulf war. ////////////// ///////////// 10,000 new believers join church prayers every week in Egypt. in the last 10 years, the Christian conversion rate have tremendously been high in Egypt. //////////// ////////////// In Kashmir, thousands of Muslims have become Christians and thousands are on the way. (data till 2002). /////////// /////////// Some 35,000 Turks converted from Islam to Christianity last year (2008). /////////// ///////////// /////////// //////////// 75% of new converts into Islam in USA return to Christianity within a few years. //////////// /////////// The Internet site Aljazerra net published an interview with Ahmad Al Qataani, an important Islamic cleric, who admitted, "In every hour, 667 Muslims convert into Christianity. everyday 16,000 Muslims convert to Christianity. every year, 6 million Muslims convert to Christianity. ///////////// ////////////// ///////////// 50,000 young Malaysians converted from Islam to Christianity last year. same trend are noticed in Indonesia too. //////////// //////////// HATS OFF TO CHRISTIAN MISSIONARIES! EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE, INDEED, ONLY IF YOU ARE BRAVE AND DETERMINED! /////////////// BUT IN COWARDLY HINDU INDIA, MUSLIMS ARE INCREASING AND RULING OVER A THOUSAND YEARS! ////////// 000000000