Date: 05 Oct 2010


WAIL OF THE DEFEATED HINDU:////////// Please see how it is TOO LATE for the Hindus in INDIA: ////////////// "PERISHING THROUGH AHIMSA (DOCTRINE OF NON VIOLENCE)."////////////// The conclusion is what every child knows: SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.//////////// When Sindh went under the filthy foot of Mohammed of Mecca in 712 AD, our great Hindu nation was badly shaken and demoralised. We lost our guts and FAILED to unite under one flag and chase the "BAST*RDS" back to MECCA. One could see who perished in DEFEAT and DISGRACE, and who prevailed in VICTORY and GLORY. //////////// When LAHORE, the heart of Punjab, fell after fierce resistance a couple of hundred years later the Hindu LEADERS could again see who DIED IN DEFEAT.////////// Now after a thousand years, the same Hindus, the same LEADERS, the same religious chants, the same servant's mentality, the same donkey's willingness to give a ride to the foreigners, the same weakness, the same disunity, squabbling and COLLAPSE, and we lost EVERYTHING in 1947, including Secularism and North Kashmir. //////// Now with the enemy on top, and all around, we have only one thing to concentrate on: Pakistan is naked aggression of Mohammed of Mecca on Secularism, Hinduism and Hindusthan. ///////////// Therefore, there is only one thing to concentrate on: HOW TO CHASE THE MOHAMMEDAN RASCLAS BEYOND THE BORDERS OF BHARAT. /////////// If we succeed, we will survive. If we compromise, give in or give up, then our grandchildren will see the same FILTHY FOOT of Mohammed in Delhi, too. Aren't they increasing, expanding and more menacing? //////////// 5 October 2010 ========= 000000000