Date: 10 Oct 2010


HERE IS WHAT ONE WROTE: "Now the Muslims need gifting the one third land to Ram mandir as a goodwill gesture." //////////// Is this a joke or wishful thinking? Are you serious?////////// To expect the MUSLIMS to yield even an inch is like expecting the CAT to drop the MOUSE from its mouth. Can we be REALIST for a moment of sanity? /////////////// What was the Hindu-Muslim POWER ratio in 712 AD? (Who LOST Sindh?)/////// And in 1192 AD? (Who LOST Delhi?)////////// And in 1947? (WHO LOST EVERYTHING INCLUDING NORTH KASHMIR?)////// Surely we are not blind to see who is advancing and who is RETREATING. Instead of wishful thinking for another 63 years, let us commit ourselves seriously and vigorously once again to AKHAND BHARAT and demand that Muslims VACATE their aggression in Lahore, Karachi, Multan, North Kashmir and East Bengal or LEAVE OUR PARTITIONED INDIA. /////////// The whole thrust of Islam, Koran and Musalman is to expel the KAFIRS from territory. ///////////// Bapu Gandhi remarked at the time of the SURRENDER OF ONE THIRD OF INDIA, when at the same time TWO MILLIONS HINDUS were massacred, "They will have pangs of conscience and come back to AKHAND BHARAT." Such a foolish cuckoo! ////////////// Now his BROKEN BHARAT is under attack to surrender even SOUTH KASHMIR! /////////// Is a Musalmaan to be trusted? One does not wish to describe those who trust the Muslims. //////////// It is time to to take our SURVIVAL in the remaining India seriously and MILITARISE the Hindus to win back what was LOST due to treason and treachery of NEHRU and cowardice of GANDHI in 1947. ////////////// 10/10/10 ========= A WISHFUL THINKING HINDU WROTE://////////// Now the Muslims need gifting the one third land to Ram mandir as a goodwill gesture and secondly to vaccate (SIC) not only Kashi nasd (SIC) Mathura all such shrines where mosques are very close to temples (they may shoft (SIC) one km away on a Hindu land by local and mutual adjustment). 000000000