Date: 11 Oct 2010


PARLIAMENT OF “BABOONS” AND ARMY OF “EUNUCHS WHILE THE MAJORITY COMMUNITY OF PARTITIONED INDIA IS SLEEP WALKING TOWARDS ABATTOIR./////////// In a message dated 11/10/2010 21:05:41 GMT Standard Time, writes under the title: Telling tale of rapid Talibanisation of Kerala (state in India) ...//////////// This is where Christian professor hand was recently cut and see how Shariah law is being implemented on (Muslim) women, eventually all infidels after conversion.////////// --------------///////// Comment:////////// THEY are doing their duty for Mohammed of Mecca BEAUTIFULLY. /////////// But WE are the defenders of our TERRITORY and need to dominate it like the Saudis and the Pakistanis dominate THEIR OWN. What is the status of a HINDU in Arabia and Pakistan? No doubt, INDIAN Muslims will see us through the eyes of Arabs and Pakis. ////////// In 1947 they saw us through the eyes of Mohamed Bin Qasim, Alaudin Khilji and Aurangzeb and accordingly, their ATTACK on Akhand Bharat was ferocious beyond imagination as both Nehru and Gandhi would CONFIRM. They had NO breath left to tell the s-called INDIGENOUS Muslims, "We have given you your PAKISTAN. Now GET OUT, lock, stock and KORAN!" ////////// If we wish peace with Islam then we need to be STRONGER on our own soil. For this we have to begin from the very beginning, i.e.., inspire an average Hindu that- ///////////// "This is YOUR very own TERRITORY and YOU, my "Lamb", are supposed to become a TIGER to call it "MY OWN" and then look at the INTRUDERS more clearly, and if THEY are strong then YOU must become STRONGER."///////////// Dump the USELESS leaders who have FAILED to unite the Hindu nation and who failed in the DEFENCE of Lahore and who FAILED to motivate the nation to recover North Kashmir. /////////// They are ready even to give one third of Sri Ram Temple to "buy" peace like Gandhi and Nehru, instead of countering, "WE WANT ONE THIRD OF KA'ABA, ORIGINALLY SHIVA TEMPLE IN MECCA!" /////////////// Alas, we never hear a MANLY voice from our own leaders but only conciliatory appeasing tones and pious wishes! ////////// In East Punjab they say, "Bakrai ki maan kab tak khair manaegee?" India has literally been a slaughter house (abattoir) for the HINDUS since 712 AD. Still butchery is ongoing in West Bengal, Kashmir and Kerala. Who will stop it and then TURN THE TIDE? ///////////// Someone on our side has got to stand up and say, "Our goal is AKHAND BHARAT. We never signed the surrender. An abducted daughter does not cease to be a daughter of her parents. Therefore, ALL the abducted daughters of Bharat Mata (MOTHER India) like Karachi, Peshawar, Multan, Lahore, Dhaka, Sylhet and Chittagong WILL BE liberated and we will crush the Islamic aggression on Indian TERRITORY." ///////////// Having said this our leaders need to get busy preparing for the ADVANCE while inspiring the Chief of the Army Staff whose predecessors FAILED to defend LAHORE and recover North Kashmir while the Lok Sabha never tires of repeating like Sonia's trained dogs, "Kashmir is integral part of Bharat in spite of Article 370 in Constitution!". Like the eunuchs they watch the manly MUSLIMS "perform". ////////// No wonder the title at the top is: "Telling tale of rapid Talibanisation of Kerala (state in India)," Here the manly TALIBAN are "performing" while the MAJORITY community is watching, FEARING THE WORST. //////////// 11 OCT '10////////// =========== ================= 000000000