Date: 11 Oct 2010


The MOHAMMEDAN who claimed one third of Sri Ram Janmabhumi in Ayodhya, provoked a young Hindu who got very angry at such a vulgar idea. /////////////// He confronted the ALIEN named Mohammed, and said, "Babur the Barbarian was not born in Hindusthan. He came wih an invading army of starving wild savages from a country where even right now in the year 2010 NATO troops are "teaching" them a lesson in good behaviour." ////////////// Mohammed never had the good fortune, LIKE JESUS, to visit Bharat even for a few days. He would have returned civilised, kind and gentle, conceding dignity and respect to WOMEN. /////////////// His followers, beasts in human form, came by SWORD and KORAN and even after taking their PAKISTAN, now they claim one third of Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya! Isn't it PREPOSTEROUS? ///////////// "How dare you?" said the young Hindu. "Do you not know that there used to be a TEMPLE TO SHIVA in Mecca which the barbarians razed to ground, just like the temple in Ayodhya, and then built the mosque around that black STONE that they adore, circumnavigate and passionately KISS till this day?" /////////// "Therefore, either VACATE your aggression in Arabia and hand over your KA'ABA to the HINDUS to re-establish their TEMPLE there or at least surrender ONE THIRD of its area for our Temple." /////////// The Mohammedan was dumbfounded on hearng the brave Hindu, and replied sheepishly, "I never saw it this way. You are right. Now I am ashamed even to be living in PARTITIONED INDIA where all the MUSLIMS LOST their right to live after we snatched ONE THIRD OF INDIA to make it our exclusive ISLAMIC homeland."//////////// The Hindu then took pity on the ignorant fool and let him go, saying, "This is the LAND OF KAFIRS as per your Koran. So be a good Muslim and RUN AWAY as fast as you can from here before we respond to your misdeed in Noakhali in August 1946!"//////////// The follower of Mohammed "verschwand" in two seconds and headed for his dear Pakistan to be blown up by the Taliban who were attacking the President's Palace. He proved the point, "Dhobi ka kutta, no ghar ka, no ghat ka!" It can be translated as: "The DOG of Mohammed in PARTITIONED India belongs neither here nor there!"////////// 000000000