Date: 12 Oct 2010


MOHAMMED, HIS CAMEL AND THE KIND KAFIR. /////////////// Mohammed was going with his camel when severe sand storm overtook him. He saw a tent and peeping in, addressed the occupant, a KAFIR, meekly. "Please, Sir, let me in with the little head of my camel, too. Poor animal!"/////////////// After a while he spoke, "Please Sir, let my camel put his neck and shoulders in your tent. Look how he is trembling." The INFIDEL took pity and allowed Mohammed to move his camel a bit forward into his tent.////////// So on and so on. Eventually the camel was FULLY in and the KAFIR was SQUEEZED OUT of his own tent. //////////// MORAL OF THE STORY://////// Indian Muslims have a cheek and audacity to stay back in Bharat after giving us the blood bath of PARTITION and then to demand one third of Sri Ram Janmabhumiashtan! //////////// "O' NO, Mohammed. We are wiser now and know you through and through. GET OUT OF BHARAT AND TAKE YOUR CAMEL & KORAN TO MECCA."/////////// 000000000