Date: 12 Oct 2010


As if all his earlier blunders were not enough, Rahul Gandhi the ‘Gimmick man’ or shall we say the ‘ Prince of naivety’ of India’s most communal, most farcical and most irresponsible political party namely the Congress party, has now added another feather- This time ‘Green’ in color to his much muddied hat. That a person so detached from reality is being looked upon as the future PM of this country (Though by vested groups only) talks a lot about the kind of democracy that we are all part of at the moment. Actually these conscious though thoroughly mischievous attempts at what the learned writer so aptly calls ‘Stoking the embers’ are made keeping in mind the immunity that the Gandhi family enjoys in this country. Say what you may, you will never be held accountable for anything, is the ground rule that has been set for all the ‘Gandhis’ of the Congress party. It is as if they enjoy all immunities at all given times. And Rahul Gandhi who has seen the world is aware about this fact. He knows that at the drop of a hat, his family bred army of sycophants would come to his rescue. I say anyone who still cares for the future of this country would recognize the fact that the biggest threat to the future of this country comes from the likes of Rahul Gandhi for whom comparing a hardcore anti-national, terrorist organization like ‘SIMI’ with an organization as humungous, as honorable as nationalist as the “RSS’ is just a casual passing comment. My appeal to the ‘RSS’ and the ‘Sangh parivar’ is that it is high time they came out of their self imposed policy of discipline and restraint and defended their honour in the strongest possible manner. After all it is their very being that is being questioned now? How could they simply remain quiet this time round and what would it mean if they do so is what they must give thought to. I think it will be worthwhile for them to remember that in a pseudo democracy like India and their very own ‘Bharat’, taking to the streets and organizing violent backlashes pays big time. In fact this is the only language that is now seen to be heard by the communal politicians of this country. And as it is what self -image are they worried about. Their ‘Manav Nirman’ and ‘Desh Nirman’ missions have failed to cut any ice with the venomous ‘Secular brigade’ of this country who along with the sold- out media of this country are attacking them left, right and centre. So without worrying too much about their image and on how history would judge them, they must adopt some seriously innovative measures (All options should be left open) and ensure that in future no one howsoever big or powerful he/she may be dares to pass any comment/s without being held accountable for it. A good beginning can be made by taking this very case that is in question now. The RSS should not allow Rahul Gandhi to get away with this. If they do so they and only they will be held responsible for the worse that may be coming their way. Rahul Gandhi for once and all must be taught that had the RSS wanted to become like SIMI, no SIMI would have dared to come up at the first place in Bharat. /////////////// ===================///////////// "CHOR UCHAKKA CHAUDHRI TE LUCHCHI RUNN PRADHAAN." lOOSELY TRANSLATED IT MEANS, "WHERE CORROPT DYNASTY, SON OF THE BOFORS CHOR AND THE ROBBERS OF PEOPLE'S HAPPINESS AND SECURITY ARE RULING THERE REIGNS AN IMMORAL UNSCRUPULOUS HEARTLESS ANTI HINDU WIDOW CALLED SONIA. NATIVE POLITICIANS AND MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT FOLLOW HERE LIKE POODLES." ///////////// 000000000