Date: 15 Oct 2010


Dear Patriot////////////// Your letter to Prime Minister regarding mismanagement and corruption at CW Games shows the anguish in your heart. ////////////// You are not the only one who feels frustrated. You are in company with MILLIONS of other fellow Indians (Bharatiyas) who would like to see the politics of India change radically. /////////////// There is serious rot in the country not only with regard to these Games, just the latest instance. There is the dirty DYNASTY so deeply embedded in this clean Democracy. ////////////// The nation has yet to look at Nehru's HIGH TREASON of signing the unconditional surrender of five provinces without Referendum to the ENEMY who happened to be our fellow citizens. There was also his high treason of retaining the ENEMY after Partition and speaking of them as "loyal citizens" when they were tearing the country apart in bloodshed. ///////////// Then there is the High Treason of KASHMIR. It was the first issue to be sorted out nearly a year before effectively tackling the NIZAM OF HYDERABAD (1948) and many more years before GOA issue was sorted out (1962) without any cease fire. So, it is in this background that we ought to see the ongoing unrest and violence in Kashmir today from where the Hindus were evicted in great disgrace and humiliation in 1989, never to return. ///////////// To narrate the sad story of PARTITIONED India since then will be a very long account. Suffice is to say that while we see the HINDU patient dying, we do not see any way out. What are the reasons for this: //////////// First is the FACT of slavery over a thousand years. In this long period our FOREIGN masters, often savages and worse than beasts, tamed the Hindu nation through terror to the extent that it has become unthinkable to throw a stone at any minister or official. Hindu masses are brainwashed from birth to be docile, obedient, servile and reverential. //////////// Second fact is that since the rulers of HINDUSTHAN since 1192 AD have been NON HINDU and even NON NATIVE the masses are now accustomed to accept any non native and non Hindu in the highest post. To the SLAVES it does not matter whether the First Lady is an Italian and the President is a Mohammedan. To a DOG it does not matter whether the master is White or Black, Jew or Christian. It only wants the Master's smile and crumbs. WHY A SELF NEGATING HINDU IN HINDUSTHAN HAS REDUCED HIMSELF TO THE LOWEST LEVEL OF HUMAN DIGNITY & SELF ESTEEM, IS A MATTER OF FURTHER RESEARCH. ///////////// Third reason that occurs to one is the effective CONTROL by Dynasty and Party over Education, 'Broadcasting and Information', Jobs, livelihood, the police and the army. /////////// Although it is an era of democracy and parties and dynasties change or die elsewhere in the world this is not the case in India. Both Congress Party and Nehru Dynasty have become so powerful that the others have no chance of replacing them. Who knew in 1192 AD that those savage TURKS, who embedded themselves in Delhi, were to stay put and rule for many centuries to come? In the same way the end of Congress and Dynasty is unforeseeable. ///////////// Finally, we must put the finger on RELIGION. The language that our PRIESTS use is uniquely befitting a SLAVE nation. It is devastating. //////////// In which church or mosque do we hear expressions like "charan dhoorh" (I am "humbler than the dust under your feet.") or "nishkam sewak" (selfless servant of ALL) and in which mosque or church do they ever use the terms "TYAAG" (renounce or give up all worldly possessions) and "AHIMSA" (watch your country cut & broken up, daughters abducted and raped, and whole cities burning in fires but do not retaliate.)?//////////// In 1947 the HINDU nation, totally ruined and flattened by the pressure of such teachings by priests, sants, sadhus and mahatmas, quickly SURRENDERED one third of country to be turned into the "HINDU KILLER" Islamic Republic of Pakistan. There was neither any OPPOSITION to that historic surrender nor any demand for transfer of populations. The result was that our Hindu nation watched fellow Hindus in Pakistan SLAUGHTERED and RAPED while at the same time CELEBRATING Independence and embracing the ENEMY chanting "Hindu Muslim BHAI BHAI!" ///////////// No other nation on earth is so flat like the HINDUS. Having recognized this fact it is time to raise the awareness of Hindu LEADERS, MP'S, MLA'S, JOURNALISTS, TEACHERS and PREACHERS. ////////////// It is a gigantic task and what is most worrying is the FACT that while the patriots like take one step forward the mighty juggernaut of "Hindu bashing" RULING ESTABLISHEMENT throws us back two steps. ///////////// Let us now look at the AYODHYA issue. Hindus have fought or agitated from DEFENSIVE position. In the event the Muslims, though a MINOIRTY, forced us to look at it as a LEGAL issue and resort to a COURT. The verdict is a disgrace. The judges had to notice PARTITION of INDIA and tell the Muslims, "Get Lost! First let the Hindus have one third of your grand mosque in MECCA that was originally Shiva Temple, destroyed by none else but MOHAMMED." ///////////// All the Hindu judges know that the MUSLIMS do not let a Hindu even enter Mecca while the Hindus in Ayodhya are only too eager to reach out to the Muslims and embrace, appease them and eat Iftar with them. That too is a WEAKNESS that needs to be removed and turned into STRENGTH. //////////// All eyes now on HINDU LEADERS. The position of Manmohan Singh is pathetic. He says, "I did not wish to be PM. Look at the Hindu masses who wanted ITALIAN BORN CATHOLIC Sonia to be the PM of HINDUSTHAN. It is Sonia who gave me the chair, fearing her own assassination." ///////////// So, let us leave the guy alone but "GO" for his MASTERS. He is so demoralized that he has never said, "I cannot accept the PROVOCATIVE OBSCENE FLAG OF MOHAMMED OF MECCA flying where I was born!" ////////////// Yes, his place of birth is now in PAKISTAN. Yes, the Muslim minority CAPTURED IT while the Hindu MAJORITY could not defend it, nor even the Indian Armed Forces, who got busy with their grand RETREAT and WITHDRAWAL from West Punjab.//////////// Here are the LOGICAL steps to power and glory, that is, to see the day when the HINDUS DOMINATE THEIR TERRITORY(HINDUSTHAN)://///////// UNITY, EDUCATION, AWARENESS, ORGANISATION, MOBILISATION, ACTION.///////////// 15 Oct 10 ========== 000000000