Date: 16 Oct 2010


COMMENT ON THE POSTING BELOW: ////////////// It's a great pity that mutilated "orphaned" Hindusthan today does not have an inspiring leader like Shivaji, Guru Gobind Singhji or the Rani of Jhansi but lies resigned and helplessly under TWO heavy feet, one of Sonia Maino of Italy and the other of Mohammed of Mecca. //////////////// The WORST thing is that ONE BILLION of us are so used to slavery that we are not even aware of this or simply, DO NOT MIND. ///////////// In a message dated 16/10/2010 09:21:27 GMT Standard Time, writes: ////////// Friends: /////////// FYI: please read the message that follows first, and then go the the attachment to witness an unthinkable ceremony...(No attachment.) //////////// Subject: ANNUAL MUSLIM CEREMONY in VIENNA ////////////// This is probably the most disturbing video I've seen in recent memory - hard to watch but please do. (1 minutes, 54 seconds) Bear in mind this was not filmed in the Mid-East, but in Austria - home of Mozart & Strauss! Does this look like a "religion of peace" to you? Is this the type of "religion" we should welcome to our shores under the auspices of "freedom of religion"? Think it won't happen here? Did the Austrians think it would happen there? How about in New York City, where 1,000s' of Muslims kneel on Madison Avenue sidewalks and streets for blocks around in response to the call to "prayer" (I'll send the photos if you missed them) and where they are now pushing to build a 13-story mosque on Ground Zero of the 9/11 attacks? The Founders must be weeping to see such a hideous warping of their noble ideal. //////////// How does a 'normal society' find words to describe such behavior ... // This is a TRADITIONAL MUSLIM CEREMONY -- Can you believe these people? ///////////// They are Savages!!! And, they want to do THIS in YOUR COUNTRY TOO ... And WILL ... Unless YOU STOP them.//////////// The more we can learn about the 'Islamic Behavior' and spread that knowledge, the more 'prepared' YOU can be to prevent this on YOUR soil. 9/11, 26/11 and various other incidents have already shown us how 'SAVAGE' they can be, but I've never seen ANYTHING like this ceremony! ... Frightening! //////////// The following note is from the one who sent this to me: //////////// This is truly sickening to watch, but something that has to be seen to be believed. And this is NOT in Kabul , but in Vienna , Austria . Just so you may have a better understanding of Islam, be sure to note the women and mothers standing calmly in the crowds and eating ice cream. Poor women don't have a word to say... Sheepishly witness the "bleeding" of their children... In the name of a loving and peaceful religion?///////////// -------------------------------////////------------------ 000000000