Date: 16 Oct 2010


We all love the 1.2 billion strong India. However, we ought to look closer. Sheer numbers are not significant if we see that initially only a few thousand marauders came with Mohammed bin Qasim (712 AD), the subsequent Afghan and Mongol raiders and later the Europeans. They were always SO FEW! ///////////// There was one who could go from Delhi to Bengal, tearing through the mass of HINDUS, subjugated local Hindu Rajas and converted them all to Islam along with their subjects. Similarly a few soldiers sent by Aurangzeb to Kashmir spread Islam by threat of death. There was NO retaliation by the Dogras or the Brahmins. ////////// When Guru Tegh Bahadur was BEHEADED in the open there was no uprising anywhere among his Hindu adorers and worshippers. Nor was a revolt seen when two little sons of Guru Gobind Singhji were bricked in alive. /////////// How well were the Ayodhya, Mathura, Varanasi and Somnath temples defended? Centuries have passed and those ugly, obscene provocative mosques are still there, with the exception of Ayodhya! ///////////// Now let us see the court verdict for Ayodhya. There is no MANLY voice among this 1.2 BILLION lot of worshippers of Sri Rama to challenge it (not by appealing to court) but by a SHOW OF FORCE. ////////// By "show of force" I mean the tactics used by MUSLIMS to achieve the IMPOSSIBLE. Who would have thought or believed that Indian LEADERS will suddenly surrender one third of our country (Bharat Mata) overnight to the Enemy? Did Nehru or Gandhi file a case to defend Akhand Bharat in any High Court or Supreme Court? The Muslims did this by SHOW OF FORCE. //////////// Someone who can still recall those black days will tell us that the Muslims ACROSS INDIA took out daily PROCESSIONS shouting "PAKISTAN ZINDABAD" and "PAKISTAN LE KE RAHENGE!" /////////// They were encouraged in doing so and provoking us when NO counter demonstration took place. So the number of Muslims in those demonstrations kept INCREASING till in the end they looked quite menacing to our Bapu GANDHI and Pandit NEHRU. ////////// Actually they (and the other Hindu leaders including Sardar Patel, Rajendra Prasad, Ambedkar and so on) foresaw it coming. They foresaw CIVIL WAR and the GENERAL SLAUGHTER OF HINDUS all over India. ///////// It should be an eye opener for us to realize that there was such TERROR of this vicious murderous MINORITY that India promptly surrendered ONE THIRD of our sacred territory to make room for the "KAFIR (HINDU) KILLER" Islamic State of Pakistan. ///////// Gandhi/Nehru did have several ALTERNATIVES. ////////// 1. To engage in protracted DISCUSSONS like the ones over J & K since 1st. January 1948 (the day when CEASE FIRE was implemented.) ////////////// 2. Argue out with the Muslim leaders the advantages of remaining united and the disadvantages of separation. //////////// 3. THROW THE GAUNTLET before them by appealing to the Hindus to RISE and OPPOSE the "swine" tooth and nail. //////////// We should not forget that we still had "MARTIAL" OR "FIGHTING" communities (whose Spirit is now destroyed by "Dynasty, Islam & Congress") like the Marathas, the Rajputs, the Sikhs, the Gorkhas, the Jats AND SO ON who had filled the ranks of INDIAN ARMY that fought in North Africa, Italy, Middle East, South Asia and the Far East, winning numerous gallantry awards and never ceasing fire! /////////// Our leaders could have depended on them. They just had to say to the Army chief, "DEFEND EVERY INCH OF INDIA." We would have EXTERMINATED the Muslims in at least FIVE provinces just as the Pakis wiped us out in five provinces that went under their control. /////////// 4. Act seriously, responsibly and patriotically to give a solemn WARNING to Mohammed Ali Jinnah that each and every MUSLIM in Bharat will be deported or KICKED OUT to Pakistan if they do not withdraw the Pakistan Resolution of Lahore, 1940. Since Gandhi was the greatest MUSLIM APPEASER and Nehru was ONE OF THEM, such a warning was never even mentioned though it is said that Jinnah did take into account that PARTITIONED INDIA would be cleared of the treacherous "MUCK" called MUSALMAAN./////////// 5. ORDER THE ARMED FORCES TO COME OUT OF BARRACKS AND DEFEND OUR TERRITORY. The last option was open to Nehru and the Indian Armed Forces even after the departure of the British from the sub continent. //////////// Several OTHER options, too, were available to our top leaders but they proved history's MOST USELESS and India's BIGGEST LIABILITY.////////////// I come back to the 1.2 BILLION. A majority that is like a deflated balloon or a sand-pit where each sand grain is on its own, is USELESS in the defense of anything. On the other hand a MINORITY that is well inspired, united, motivated, highly charged and spirited (like the MUSLIMS) will always come out victorious. Their cohesion is so strong like a tank full of petrol. When you throw a burning match, it all catches fire in a second. ///////////// The behavior of the two communities is strikingly in contrast to each other. If a Muslim girl is raped one can imagine the violence that would ensue. But the abduction and rape of Hindu girls is routine and even her own family does not show anger or disgust in the open! /////////////// Then we can see BOLLYWOOD where the KHANS have easy access to Hindu girls for love scenes and intimate dances. Yet we do not see a Hindu actor putting his arms around a Muslim actress. There was just one such instance when the cinema was set on fire and the film withdrawn. //////////// Next we see lack of reaction to painter Hussain insulting Hindu goddesses on canvas. In contrast, we saw the fury of ISLAMIC world over the DANISH cartoons./////////// The point is this: We have had FIRST HAND DIRECT EXPERIENCE of Muslim character and behavior for the last 1000 years. Yet when the opportunity arose to throw them all OUT, lock, stock and Koran, we did not take it. That was the HEAT OF MOMENT in 1947. //////////// The result? Ever since they have been increasing a lot faster than the Hindu birth rate. At the same time they have been assassinating, killing, beating, threatening, abducting and raping the HINDUS openly all across India not only in South Kashmir, West Bengal and Kerala. To most of us the future already seems dismal and our struggle and effort futile. ////////////// Let us hope that we all think of ways and means of REVIVING the "deflated and flat" Hindu nation that looks like a doormat for Sonia Maino. In today's scenario when the Muslims can dare to lay claim to even an inch of Sri Ram Janmabhumi, many of them are dreaming of Delhi under a Caliph. /////////////// A few patriots who are working "overtime" now with utmost commitment and faith in future are the only ray of hope for our betrayed nation.//////////// 000000000