Date: 18 Oct 2010


(SEE E-MAIL BELOW) /////////////// Yours is the voice of SANITY that should prevail over the new "smoke screens" (since brutal PARTITION) of Hindu/Sikh divide. ////////////// Our roots are the same and our beliefs are the same. Hindu Sikh marriages are common but a Hindu Muslim or a Sikh Muslim marriage means the DEATH of the (weaker) native non Muslim partner and severe loss of Indian SPIRITUALITY, that is, victory of the SAVAGE over SANITY. /////////////// There are two reasons for any INTERNAL bickering WITHIN a family. Either we shut our eyes and minds and do not seriously perceive an EXTERNAL threat, or the external threat is too powerful and we dare not dare to look at it.//////////// In the case of the Hindus I believe it is the SECOND reason. The devastating External threat has TWO dimensions: One, the Mecca inspired followers of MOHAMMED who suddenly captured one third of our (Akhand) BHARAT by deadly massive attack in 1947, and the other is the anti Hindu RULING TOP since THE YEAR OF PARTITION that is not only NON HINDU but clearly the ENEMY in the garb of friends. ///////////// Unfortunately, despite numerical superiority, the HINDU is powerless. We are powerless on TERRITORY, powerless in GOVERNEMNT where so many NON Hindu chief ministers, governors and cabinet ministers hold KEY posts, e.g., the portfolio of DEFENCE. /////////////// It is plain psychology that the WEAK will turn upon someone who is WEAKER still. Sikhs are a convenient scapegoat for our wider frustrations everywhere- not only in South Kashmir. ////////////// In my view it is vital for the Hindus to realize the POWER of the "majority" community and acquire world view, or GLOBAL perspective like their "global Islam", not just remain within regional concepts. We also need to acquire HISTORIC perspective, not just the current situation created by our cunning enemies here or there. Khalistan is one such example. //////////// In the same way cunning Nehru deliberately perpetuated the KASHMIR dispute by putting Article 370 in Constitution and by going to UNO in order to take off the nation's attention from his horrendous act of "Himalayan" surrender of five provinces without referendum. That he SUCCEEDED is seen by the whole of India (all 29 States individually and collectively) promptly DELETING the word "PARTITION" from our minds, vocabulary and Constitution. That is why the Hindus are now again in pre-1947 situation.//////////// Our ENEMIES do have BOTH (global and historic) perspectives and are on course to divide, confuse, demoralize and WEAKEN the Hindu family. That is why we are cornered, following our Masters' Voice, indulging in mutual family feuds while ignoring the ENEMY who occupies the Hindus' MULTAN with its Bhagat Prahlad Temple, the Sikhs' NANKANA SAHIB with its Janmasthan, and everybody's LAHORE where patriot Bhagat Singh was hanged to death for Secularism and "Akhand Bharat" (definitely NOT for Khalistan) and also definitely NOT for filthy fundamentalist, repressive, primitive, crude, repugnant, savage, Kafir-Killer, ISLAMIC Republic of Pakistan. Our LEADERS must not hide or suppress the TRUTH.//////////// Hindu LADERS need to be more MANLY in order to take up the real challenge. Among other challenges are the EXTERMINATION of anti Hindu rulers, REFUSAL to accept prime ministers like the BOFORS CHOR with his wife from ITALY (and RAHUL GANDHI with his wife from VENEZUELA in the future), insistence on the MUSLIM spouse embracing Hinduism in every mixed marriage, erection and construction of a GRAND Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya with a wing in it devoted to Guru Gobind Singhji, his "Pritham BHAGAUTI simmer ke" philosophy, and the teachings of BHAGWAD GITA. //////////// When our own low lying, shy, timid, self-effacing and lack-lustre LEADERS comprehend this, then unite all the Hindus, DOMINATE our own TERRITORY and shine like the sun, the feeble flickering Khalistani candle will go out and all the Hindus refugees from Srinagar will be seen heading home. //////////// The alternative is to KILL the "Khalistanis", alienate the Sikhs in which all the enemies of Bharat, including the absolute almighty RULERS, "ITALY, ISLAM, CONGRESS & DYNASTY", will readily join in in order to weaken our own side. Who will stand to benefit? //////////// 18 Oct 10////////// =========== In a message dated 18/10/2010 09:37:31 GMT Standard Time, writes: /////////////// There is a Common enemy bent upon annihilating us UNDER THE BANNER OF GLOBAL ISLAM, and rather than eradicating him, we are wasting our energies on superficial controvercies. Sikhs' loyalties are unchallengeable and unquestionable. Can't we channelise our energies in sensible ways? ///////////// ================= 000000000