Date: 18 Oct 2010


There should be a military takeover in India............that's the only solution. But, we are afraid , we left it too late. //////////////// Nehru saw to it that there could be no coup in India like in Pakistan.............He kept the Army, Navy and AirForce separate with no joint command just to make sure this could not happen. /////////////// But now the "Naxalite" problem is getting has to. With only 20 % of the population getting the benefits of India's success and 80% living on less than 20 rupees a day........what do you expect ? ////////////// Times have changed. Now there is television....the rural 80% are becomming aware of the disparity. They are slowly but surely demanding justice. All they need is a strong leader. The ///////// Govt can give them labels like 'Naxalites', insurgents, trouble-makers, but how long can these Babus (originally called "Baboons") and Gandhis supress 80% of more than a billion people ? Me thinks India is ripe for a revolution..........just like they had in France and in Russia..... ............leaders will soon emerge. ////////////// The Govt knows this and has now been asking the Army for advice. This is a very recent occurance. They are running scared. This is the time the Army should show them two fingers. ......AND TAKE OVER ! ///////////// Millions were displaced from Delhi to make room for the Commonwealth Games stadia and facilities. They were promised land when they were moved to slum shelters in the outskirts of Delhi. These people were conned. They got no land . They got nothing. The CWG was a grand show ....... no doubt...........but it was not for the poor displaced was only for the 20% elite urban Indians. ///////////// We are all aware of the mess that the babus and government have made with the various pay commissions that has culminated with the basic salary of an IAS officer being six times that of an Army officer now compared to the salary forty years ago. ////////////////// When I got my commission in 1963 my basic salary was the same as an IAS officer but with "flying bounty" of Rs 350 extra my total emoluments was more than the IAS salary. Of course, the IAS had many opportunities to make money which the Military offficer was denied.....but that's another story. /////////// Today the IAS officer makes six times the basic salary of a military officer and after twenty years service a hundred times more. The IAS set the salaries and the Govt allowed this to happen to prevent a Pakistan-style military takeover. ////////////// Now when they are running scared they cannot go to the Babus for protection.......they have to go to the military !/////////// Unfortunately the present Army, Navy and AirForce Chiefs are all bloody cowards..........all "yes men"...........//////////// We need a leader......Just like the "Naxals" need a leader. That's when the Babus ("baboons") and Gandhis will have to emigrate with their loot . India will be reborn. ///////////// Long live the revolution !.....the revolution that is comming !!! ////////////// 000000000