Date: 19 Oct 2010


“What’s your name?” I asked an intoxicated fellow passenger on El Italia flight to Caracus. “I am KHAN for the Muslims and GANDHI for the Hindus?”//////////////// “How come?” We asked in amazement.///////////// “You see, my grandfather was Feroze KHAN who changed his surname to GANDHI to enhance the political career of my grandmother Indiraji.”/////////// “Have you any friends in Venezuela?” I asked as the plane neared Caracus. “My girl friend lives there. She is a staunch CATHOLIC. I will marry her and take her to Hindusthan where people much prefer their prime ministers to bring their NON HINDU spouses from abroad.” /////////////// “But Prime Minister Manmohan Singh does not have a foreign wife?” we asked./////////// “He has broken the tradition. People wanted my mother to become Prime Minister but she was advised by VATICAN not to be the FOURTH “Gandhi” to die that way. She is now ruling through Singh. After him it will be me with my wife from Venezuela!.”/////////////// "You are right. Soniaji, your mother, did the right thing. There was a whisper in Hindusthan that not all the Rajputs are wearing glass bangles.”/////////// 19.10.10. ==========================================/////////////000000000