Date: 19 Oct 2010


Isolated KP Youth ////////////// By: Kundan Kashmiri ///////////// All party parliamentary delegation recently visited Jammu and Kashmir to analyze and understand the situation in order to reach on some agreement with separatists and stone palters which they could not. They called on separatists leaders who are brain behind the day to day disturbances in the valley which yielded no results but embolden them more. /////////// Unfortunately, this delegation did not bothered to meet isolated Nationalist youths of Kashmiri Pandit Community who are languished in camps, non-camps of Jammu region and other parts of Country .After all its the same community which has given lot of sacrifices for the Unity and Integrity of Nation,desisted to join the rank and files of separatist groups ,left their comfortable homes and hearths and preferred to live in deserts ,muddy lanes and dirty streets in the interest of Nation. After all it is the same community which has been contributing towards the development and prosperity of nation and produced towering leaders like Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru,first PM of India,great mathematicians ,Technocrats ,Educationists and others . Nationalist KP youths failed to understand why they are being marginalized, isolated and ignored when they neither express their anger on roads by burning buses , government establishments , railway stations and nor took law and order in their hands by violating curfew restrictions and pelted stones on security forces, which on the other hand Kashmiri muslim youths did.As compared to agitators of Kashmir Valley, KP youths have big reason and logic to come on streets as they have lost their home , their community brothers ,sisters, leaders and relatives who were brutally murdered at Wandhama (24 ), Sangrampura (7) , Nadimarg (24), including one year old baby who was muscled after pumping 13 bullets to his body..Shaheed Girja was raped and later on chopped on Bandsaw ,Shaheed Prana Ganjoo was raped then chopped into pieces before throwing her in river Jehlum.There are other hundreds of untold stories to highlight and to open the eyes of those who have deliberately ignored the KP community and its youths. ////////////// KP community were humiliated by forcing them to leave their homes and hearths ,burnt their houses ,encroached and grabbed their land and property under distress sale .Finally , they were directly or indirectly banned to visit or stay at their birth land in Kashmir Valley under life threat. They were negated from basic rights and services to earn their two time meals . Despite of all this , KP youths restricted and restrained themselves for the sake of peace and prosperity of the nation.So , .I salute with reverence to my youth who have been showing quality of control forbearance ,broader vision,undertstandability of carrying ahead the rich values of their ancestors .They have exhibited broad mindedness and exemplary courage to face all jubes inspite of provocative slogans and pugnacious attitude of the tormentors who choose violent means to create a situation of ignominy calibrated from outside . /////////// It is obvious, if such a behavior Government continues and takes KP youths for granted ,keep them isolated ,ignored and marginalized , then impressionable KP youth may cut themselves off from their rich culture roots ,cannot be ruled out.If their aspirations are not heard , one day advise of their leaders ,elders and parents may go unheeded , the manner separatist leaders like Ali Shah Geelani , Omar Farooq and other muslim leaders and their parents went unheeded when they appealed their youths to stop violence whether it was on the day of Eid congregation or any other stone pelting day as these KM youths are now beyond the control of any leader or group in the valley. //////////// Confused thinking about the problems of KP youths , silent unrest, the haphazard and unsystematic methods of State and Center Governments are using in dealing with frustrated and isolated KP youths can eventually provoke them for violence and mass upsurge ,cannot also be ruled out. /////////// In this background State and Center governments should reconcile the aspirations of the displaced KP community ,particularly its youths and utilize their services to the proper directions in the national building ,prosperity and its integrity by placing them at various institutions and other places throughout country .Besides , to restore the confidence and faith of KP youths on the Indian system of governance and independent commission of inquiry is needed to probe the human rights violations of victim KP community, detailed action taken reports in case of those got killed since 1989/1990 by the militants .Most importantly KP youth who were recently appointed and posted in Kashmir valley under draconian law needs to be posted in safer zones of Jammu region. Also youths of KP community to be given age relaxation of at least 7 years and settlement amount of Rs. 25 Lacs .to each overage youth beyond 7 year age relaxation period . //////////// The shameful politically motivated statement of J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdullah at the floor of state assembly about Kashmir accession angered and annoyed the nationalist youths of KP community which needs to be neutralized either by taking the statement back or stern action by the Centre Government as was done in case of Late.Shaikh Mohammed Abdullah in 1953 when Late Bakshi Ghulam Mohammed was installed at his place .Besides the genuine demand of consolidated rehabilitation of KP community at the “land of Kashyap” to allow them to live together as community as proud citizens of India under free flow of Indian Constitution to be granted at the earliest which is the basic demand of Kashmiri Pandit Conference (KPC) lead by Kundan Kashmiri ,its National President. ///////////// At the conclude, KP Youths have resolved that Kashmir is integral part of India and its accession is full and final .Anyone challenging it , should be treated as traitor and liable for action under law of land . ////////////// Kundan Kashmiri ////////// National President //////// Kashmiri Pandit Conference /////////////////// 000000000