Date: 20 Oct 2010


WOMEN’S DIGNITY AND EQUALITY IN ISLAM /////////////// We congratulate those brave souls working for “ONE LAW FOR ALL”, abolishing SHARIA LAW and for Women’s Rights in the medieval ISLAMIC republics including PAKISTAN and BANGLADESH where the sun of freedom, equality and dignity of women has yet to rise. ////////////// They are up against the most ridiculous and unacceptable aspects of ISLAMIC laws and practices starting with MECCA in Arabia, where a Christian or a Hindu lady has NO permission to enter. ////////////// It occurs to a lady friend that if WOMEN were to LINK UP for their own status, power and good, the formidable task of “civilizing” the Mohammedan brute will become much easier. ///////////// Let the wives and mothers DENY food, attention and affection to these backward looking primitive Muslims (savages). Then we will see how many “FIRST LADIES” and WIVES and MOTHERS of PRESIDENTS and PRIME MINISTERS of these ISLAMIC republics are beaten up, confined to rooms or sent to jail. /////////////// 000000000