Date: 22 Oct 2010


It was not we (Indians) who stopped the Chinese in the North East , the snow did. They simply could NOT have survived the winter and hence wisely went back .If we had just kept on sitting on SE La , history would have been different . General Winter would have made the Chines surrender to us .But,we fled SE LA without firing a shot .In the East almost all our casualties were from winter and starvation and comparatively few from the Chinese bullets/shells . ///////// It was only in Ladakh that we stood and fought and checked the Chinese. ////////// In the East it was an '' Un fought'' War . ////////// In Ladakh almost all casualties were from gunshot wounds and very few due to winter and none from starvation . There the Chines suffered more casualties than what we did . They respected us in Ladakh and held us in contempt in (erstwhile) NEFA . ///////// Had we used our air force for offensive ops we could have won the war . The Chinese had no air fields with in range . Their fighters and bombers were minimum 2000 miles and away and did not have adequate range to bomb Calcutta as Nehru dreaded ,and return to bases , where as ours were next door . An air raid on Calcutta , a remote possibility , would have made a Nation out of us ( We are still NOT a ''NATION'' but just a ''MULTITUDE '' called the Indians ) . Nehru simply chickened out panicked depriving our most gallant Air Force to ''Clinch Victory from the Jaws of Defeat'' . ////////// All we needed was a CHURCHILL or CHARLES de GAULLE . WE did not have one , instead , we had a faint hearted Nehru . /////////// Do we have one today ? NONE is in sight . /////////// What we won on battlefields was squandered on 'Negotiation Tables' after 1948 , '65 and '71. Will future be any different ? /////////// Vajpayee was no good in Kargil and Manmohan is no better today . /////////// Great Nations produce great LEADERS . Others produce ''WORTHLESS'' ones , like ours . 000000000