Date: 22 Oct 2010


Mohammed was a shrewd but a brutal man. When he declared all "KAFIRS" to be enemy he parted company with tradition. Until then an enemy was temporary. That means one could stop being an enemy and become friends again. For example the Germans were the enemies of the Allies but today friends. ////////////// But Mohammed's idea was radically different and cruel. His "Kafirs" were enemies in perpetuity. However much a Kafir may help a Muslim, be nice to him, praise him and reward him, he could never be a friend of the Momin. The idea of someone being an enemy entered the realm of IDEOLOGY and it became savage, murderous, vicious and eternal. ////////////// Mohammed's Momins had only ONE course ahead, to declare war on all the Kafirs and then proceed, inch by inch, mile by mile, country by country, fighting and warring, with the aim of defeating the KAFIRS and then CONVERTING them to Islam (the Creed of intolerance, separatism and BELLIGERENCE). /////////////// In case the Kafir stuck to his Faith then he was to be BEHEADED or KILLED. /////////////// While Mohammed threw this "burning rock" on the sea of peace & calm, rationality and reasoning, and motivated his followers to become Jehadis, the KAFIRS on the other hand have remained the same, peace loving, ethical, trusting and, tolerant. Even when Muslim rulers were literally playing Hell with their Hindu subjects from one end of India to the other, and mistreating them as per Sharia, abducting, raping and degrading Hindu women and girls, the Hindus never went on the offensive but continued to defend themselves by non violence as much as possible. A classic example was the LACK OF RESISTENCE to Partition. The Muslims were neither prevented from great mischief nor punished in retaliation in an exemplary manner. Our top leader, Mahatma Gandhi, even called them "Bhai" (brothers) and badly misled his following! ////////// After centuries of such inter-action the Muslims have put ATTACK in their genes as their second nature while the Hindus have remained stuck to DEFENDING themselves only. To them the motto, "the best form of defence is offence," means NOTHING. ////////////// Under extreme provocation when the alien Muslims were behaving like beasts (torture and murder of Guru Arjun Dev, the beheadng of Guru Tegh Bahadur, the murder of two small sons of Guru Gobind Singhji) the Sikh gurus kept on preaching, "NO RETALIATION, "Ahimsa Parmo Dharma" (NON VIOLENCE)." ////////////// "Do not tell a Musalman to embrace Sikh or Hindu religion. Tell him to be a good Muslim." It was extreme irony and showed ignorance at the highest pious level. They did not wish to enquire into the definition of a "good" Muslim. They would have been shocked to know that a GOOD Muslim was a thousand times more sworn and bitter enemy of the Kafirs. Today the BEST MUSLIMS on earth are the TALIBAN. Look what they did to the Hindus, the Sikhs and the Buddhists they could see in Afghanistan and Pakistan. They even blew up the sacred Buddha statues in Bamyan near Kabul. NO Muslim party or organization has condemned them since it was a pious act. Those statues were KUFR in the eyes of Mohammed. ///////////// It is to the credit of Indian born religions that NONE among them used the word ENEMY for the Muslims. There is no concept like KAFIR in the Sikh's holy Book. This has also proved disaster because we cannot prepare for the enemy who does not exist. //////////// It is nearly a thousand years since the destruction of Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya but no Hindu has ever called the invaders or the Muslims since, enemy. In the same way the Sikhs lost LAHORE and Sri Nankana Sahib to the MUSLIMS in 1947 but have we never heard a Sikh call the Muslims "ENEMY". ////////// In order to survive, in order to go on the ATTACK (psychologically & spiritually, even!), we must have an enemy. So, where to look for him? Where to find him? /////// The Hindu does not have to go far, NOR HAS THE SIKH, to see his enemy. ////////// Let's us face it frankly: Cowardice is the ONLY reason why our LEADERS do not, or can not, see the enemy. And sadly, the the cowards will not escape the bullies for long and will not have long to live on earth. We did not live long in West Punjab, East Bengal and even North Kashmir and, therefore, need to make absolutely sure to survive in the "Rest of truncated India"! ////////// WHO IS THE ENEMY? Someone who occupies, or lays claim to any part of Indian Territory, is our ENEMY IN PERPETUITY till that occupation is ended and the claim is withdrawn. /////////// INDIAN MUSLIMS who occupied five provinces to establish their homeland called "Pakistan" in 1947 are our ENEMY and will be so till Pakistan is dissolved in "AKHAND BHARAT" and both North and South Kashmir are joined. ////// Opportunist, treacherous, weak, anti national and unscrupulous governments and parties cannot change a nation's TERRITORIAL commitments, loyalties, rules, laws and conventions arbitrarily without referendum. /////// 22 Oct 10/// 000000000