Date: 23 Oct 2010


AND YSR HIMSELF WAS CHRISTIAN..HIS FULL NAME IS YESU SAMUEL RAJASEKHAR REDDY ////////////////// WHY //////// This is what happened a week b4 YSR killed in a air crash ///////// Just last week, there was a heated debate in the AP Assembly over the mismanagement of TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam) . They were raising several issues such as loss of jewellery, diversion of TTD funds for non-Hindu activities and so on. /////////// All opposition parties complained that TTD executive board was full of politicians, non-Hindus, communists and other corrupt people. //////// All opposition parties demanded that the TTD board must be scrapped and a new board must be constituted. ////////// But, YSR and his ministers refused. They maintained that everything is fine. //////// At the end of the discussion, the Leader of the Opposition, Nara Chandrababu Naidu of Telugu Desam Party (TDP), helplessly declared in the Assembly that all those who cheat Lord Venkateswara would perish. ////////// This happened a week before he died. How true it became so soon! /////////// YSR's govt. was the most PSEUDO SECULAR govt ever. /////////// (1) YSR started a new ministry called Ministry of Minority Affairs. Shabbir Ali was the first minister. This was the first of its kind in India .. Later others followed his example. ///////// (2) YSR proudly declared that his is a government of minorities. Many of his ministers are openly Chrrrristian and Mussslim, and many others are secret Chrrristians. 3) Free education for all Musliiiims and Chrrrristians studying engineering, medicine, MBA, MCA etc. /////////// (4) Unbelievable but true! Govt. funded construction of mosssques and churrrches! //////// (5) Just like Hajjjj subsidy, the govt. introduced a new scheme to fund Jerusalem trip for Chrrrristians. ////////// (6) Marriages of Musliiiims and Chrrristians are funded by the govt and they are given cash incentives from tax payers' money. Hindu marriages are funded from Tirumala offerings. //////////// (7) YSR also started Andhra Pradesh Christian Financial Corporation to help Christian businesses. ///////////// (8) 4% reservations to Musliiiims. ////////// (9) Reservations for Dalllit Musliiims and Dalllit Chrrrristians passed just 10 days back in Andhra Pradesh Assembly. I think this was his last SECULAR action in the Assembly.. //////////// (10) YSR ordered that the jurisdiction of Lord Venkateswara temple at Tirumala Tirupati be reduced from the current seven hills to only two hills and wanted to utilize the remaining five hills to build churches. He withdrew it after protests. /////////// (11) YSR appointed Karunakara Reddy, a CC (converrrted Chrrristian) , as the Head of TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam) . Several non-Hindus and communists (Congress alliance partner) were made members of the TTD executive board. How can he appoint anti-Hindus in Hindu temples? Many of these are STILL continuing in the board, though Karunakara Reddy had to be removed due to sever charges of corruption and mismanagement. ////////// (12) During his regime, there were several demonization (oops, evvvvangelization) activities at Tirumala Tirupati temple as well as several other famous temples in Andhra Pradesh Another Interesting fact.... ///////// Head of aadi sesha is tirumala. ahobilam is centre part of aadi shesha and tail is sri sailam a siva kshetram. again srisailam means in tamil its tirumalai. Siva is devotee of lord of ahobilam the place where YSR dead is RUDRA KONDA. which means lords devotee himself punished him /////////// Scroll down to see his wealth ///////////  The ever Biggest Fraud In Indian Economy & Politics //////////// AND PEOPLE WEPT FOR HIM & LOST THEIR LIVES... //////// Keep Forwarding this Message................ //////// FYI.. /////////// It Took some decades for TATA,RELIANCE,BAJAJ,INFOSYS, WIPRO,ADITYA GROUP and many more corporate houses in India to Become Billion Dollar Companies But For our YSR Family & co it Took Just 4.5 Years to become Emperor for 78000 crore corrupted Kingdom //////////// Andhra Pradesh Annual Budget for 2008-2009 is 1,00,000 Crores.............YSR Family Market Capitalization is 78000 Crores ...........1 Family ==1 State ... /////////// The share Value of NTPC(23000MW capacity) is 290Rs........The share Value ofSandoor Power(22.50 MW Capacity) is 675Rs........Its the time for Financial Institutions & Market experts to learn from YSR Family&Co ///////////// The Market Capitalization of Jagathi Publications(Mother of Saakshipaper & Yet to be start Indira Television)before yet to start the Production is 3600 crores........Its the Magic of Yuvaraja If we call the 7800Croresfraud in Satyamas India’s Biggest Financial scam ....what is the name we can use for 78000 crorescam Done by YSR Family& Co......No body can dare to name it In 1956power generation capacity ofAP is213MW........It took 53 years to increase the Capacity to 12500MW..........In Bihar Still it is 4000MWonly ...........ButAthena Energy(One More Company from YSR's family & Started 2 yrs back) is planning to Generate 14000MWwith in7years.....again its the Magic ofYSR Family & Co........Corporate World Should learn lessons from YSR&Familyfor reaching this much heights within short time...... ////////// In Raghuram cements YS Jagan share was 45 crores when he bought.....With in Few years it was renamed as Bharathi Cements and the share value increased to6500Crores........What an idea Sirji !!!!!!!!! //////////// The ever Biggest Fraud In Indian Economy & Politics /////////// 000000000