Date: 25 Oct 2010


ACCESSION OF KASHMIR IS FINAL. /////////// Unfortunately the INDIAN Muslims did the first WRONG thing to tear away from secular India. It was HIGH TREASON against the very land of their BIRTH. The punishment for such crime is DEATH. But there was NONE to carry out the trial or pronounce and implement the sentence since Nehru himself played the traitor, embracing Mr Jinnah and enjoying British patronage. ////////// Division of India was wrong for several reasons, e.g., It caused massive massacres and bloodletting on both sides of border./////////// It seriously damaged the economic, industrial and social structures of society on both sides. It ignored the new constitutional status of Indian Muslims who could not be treated as equal to the rest of population due to, and after, partition. ///////// It divided and devastated Kashmir where lives are being lost ever since. And finally, what about the Indian Muslims who did not take up the option of moving to Pakistan that was taken up by countless other Muslims from all over India? /////////// Coming to Kashmir: Before Kashmir goes, or taken, out of India Pakistan ought to be given a stern WARNING that the HINDUS are not the same accommodating, obliging, compliant, gentle, ignorant, gutless, SACRIFICIAL "lambs" any more who were easily betrayed by Nehru in 1947 while surrendering vast territories of India without any condition or REFERENDUM. /////////// We ought to assume that there will be a strong REACTION among the Hindus and the Sikhs who would not like to be "KICKED by ISLAMIC BOOT" twice. /////////// The Indian army was then controlled by the British and their agent Nehru, and HELD BACK, confined to barracks, to passively watch the surrender of vast territories. /////////// This time the Indian Army is well motivated to defend every inch of Bharat's soil and will defend Kashmir and then RECOVER all the territory lost in 1947, including East Bengal and Sylhet. /////////// What that may entail is left to every Pakistani's imagination who need to deal with the TALIBAN and the Baloch freedom fighters first. Perhaps in this way that long awaited TRANSFER OF POPULATION will also be finally accomplished. New India has no place for a treacherous disoriented, schizophrenic, brainwashed minority who are not sure where their loyalty lies. /////////// So, on THIS basis alone, some might wish Kashmir to go independent or fall into the lap of Pakistan to share its chaos, murders, militancy, madrassas, floods and hunger. ///////////// We, the PEOPLE OF INDIA, who do not all belong to "All India Congress Party", or beholden to Nehru and Gandhi, cannot, and WILL NOT, accept what Nehru did then: that is, to give them PAKISTAN, to betray India and the Hindus, to see the Hindus and Sikhs SLAUGHTERED, abducted and raped in Pakistan, and ALSO keep the Muslims back in India, giving them key posts in cabinet. calling them "bhai"! ///////////// 25 Oct 10///////////// PS: October 26 ought to be CELEBRATED annually across India as the Kashmir Accession Day. ======== 000000000