Date: 27 Oct 2010


Before one can mention Tashkent and think of the present turmoil in Kashmir, it is imperative to go to the very beginning when conditions were so ruptured that limbless disoriented countries stood on their heads as to ensure uncertainty, confusion, feud and wars for centuries to come. The best of brains on the sub continents are concentrating on the overshooting branches instead of uprooting the poisonous tree of separatism, intolerance and fundamentalism. ////////// Diabolical PARTITION OF INDIA, the unconditional surrender of her five provinces was NOT valid, legal, democratic or moral. It was absurd to the extreme. It was High Treason. ////////// All the so-called founders of Pakistan were born in INDIA and were expected to be LOYAL to their land of birth (motherland) TILL DEATH as per international norms, even if they were Muslim by Faith. ////////// Could the Muslims in Europe or the United States behave in such a separatist treacherous manner? India was no different from them except that being a slave colony her MASTERS could easily break the norms of human rights, decency, citizenship and morality. ///////// Those very few irresponsible characters and conspirators who agreed to break up multicultural, multireligious and multiracial India remain ANSWERABLE and their evil deed of Partition remains subject to scrutiny and CHALLENGE. ////////// Illogical Partition to reward the Muslims with exclusive TERRITORY left the political status of Kashmir and the CONSTITUTIONAL status of the "Indian" Muslims undiscussed, unsettled and UNDECIDED. //////// ISLAMIC Republic of Pakistan had to be balanced with HINDU RASHTRA of India. "All-India Muslim League" had clear bargaining advantages under its Islamic identity while the hotch potch called "All India Congress Party" of everybody, INCLUDING THE MUSLIMS, did not. /////////// Pakistan got rid of her minorities by ETHNIC CLEANSING. Does India not have the same right with regard to the Muslims? She does. Thus this question is not resolved yet. ////////// India is an unusually large country of HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, consisting of nearly THREE DOZEN states, some the size of France and Germany, and her "Partition" even at the best of times would take months if not years to work out the minute details, including a peaceful TRANSFER OF POPULATIONS given the fact that the NON MUSLIMS have nothing to look forward to in a fundamentalist ISLAMIC state based on religious intolerance & DISCRIMINATION while the MUSLIMS in Partitioned India have lost the legitimacy of abode and work in that truncated country. /////////// Then there is the question of Sri NANKANA SAHIB, the birth place of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikh religion. To fly ISLAMIC FLAG over the city is insult and provocation of the worst type. For the sake of decency, good manners and human EQUALITY the SIKH flag must also be raised over MECCA, or the town transferred to India. ////////// India was supposed to be sensitive and alert to the special position of Sri Nankana Sahib, at par with Mecca and Vatican. But the "native midgets & the aliens controlling them" have not shown to be a mature and responsible lot. They surrendered territory, betrayed her citizens, vanished from scene and never looked back. /////////// PARTITION of India needs to be annulled or re-negotiated by all parties, by the NATIVES actually living there, without intervention or interference by any foreign country or super power. It must be ratified by the PEOPLE of INDIA through REFERENDUM. //////////// Hence all the actions and agreements by the so-called governments of India and Pakistan remain NULL & VOID until Pakistan's LEGITIMACY is established according to international norms. ///////////// 27 Oct 10 ======== 000000000